BTS Teases ‘Friends’ Reunion Appearance (Exclusive)

Fans of the K-pop group know that RM learned English through watching the beloved hit sitcom.

BTS will be there for you -- and for the cast of Friends.

Fans of the mega K-pop band -- consisting of RM, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook, Suga and V -- know that RM learned English while watching the hit sitcom. Now, they're teasing an appearance in the upcoming HBO Max reunion special, premiering May 27.

"That's so true, Ross, Chandler, Monica they were my English teachers actually from the States," RM tells ET's Lauren Zima while promoting their new single "Butter," ahead of their 2021 Billboard Music Awards performance. "I'm so excited about this, and for me it almost feels like a dream to be part of such a, it's a legend, right? So now I feel like I actually became friends with the Friends."

While he didn't get a chance to meet the actors amid the coronavirus pandemic, he did add, "but maybe someday."

As for his favorite character, he notes, "Mine was Chandler," before adding, "Actually, it's really hard to pick one."

Suga, on his end, chimes in, "For me, Monica."

Meanwhile, their new single "Butter" is a total bop, with J-Hope describing it as, "a song that you can really feel the charms of BTS. It's a real summer song and you can just tell that this is a BTS."

The global superstars have been breaking records non-stop and couldn't be more grateful for their devoted fans, or as they call them, their Army.

"It makes us obviously feel really good. It means that a lot of people are listening to our music," Jin says of their success. "And they want us to keep working harder so they can give back a lot of this love that we're receiving."

BTS will appear remotely from South Korea to perform "Butter" at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards, where they're nominated for Top Duo/Group, Top Song Sales Artist and Top Selling Song for "Dynamite."

The guys are also looking forward to hitting the road and being able to connect with their fans when the pandemic is over.

"We are not able to tour now, but we are looking forward to touring as much as our fans are looking forward to it. So when things do improve, we plan to go on tour and go on the road as soon as possible," Suga shares. "And you know, the situation will be better by then, so we'll be able to enjoy meeting our fans again just as much as our fans will enjoy meeting us again."

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