'Grey’s Anatomy' Stars: Then and Now

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Grey's Anatomy
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Grey’s Anatomy is coming back for its 18th season. Over the years, the long-running ABC medical drama series has seen many beloved characters come and go. While doctors Meredith Grey, Miranda Bailey, Richard Webber, Owen Hunt and Amelia Shepherd have managed to stick around (despite some incredibly wild circumstances) other characters have not been so lucky. But the actors who play them are!

While Mark Sloan, Derek Shepherd and Lexie Grey met terrible ends, the actors who brought these characters to life have been thriving. Former Grey’s Anatomy leads have gone on to star in some of your favorite streaming and award-winning shows. While we’ll probably never get over the death of George O’Malley or the departure of Grey’s Anatomy’s first-ever openly bisexual character, Callie Torres, you’ve got to see what they’re up to now. Check out these iconic Grey’s Anatomy stars then and now.