'Game of Thrones' Author George R.R. Martin Enters the Instagram Egg Game

Jesse Grant/Getty Images

The Instaegg beat Kylie Jenner for the most-liked photo on Instagram, but Martin was quick share that he's also got a 'famous egg.'

The father of dragons -- and everything else Game of Thrones -- has entered the game! 

George R.R. Martin took to Twitter on Tuesday to weigh in on that famous Instagram egg with an egg photo of his own. The Instaegg became the most-liked photo on Instagram earlier this week, earning over 42 million likes since it was posted on Jan. 4. The Egg Gang, who posted the pic, beat previous record-holder Kylie Jenner, whose photo of daughter Stormi holding her thumb had 18 million likes. 

"I, too, have a famous egg...  #Instaegg, #fun, #worldrecordegg #EggGang #eggsoldiers," Martin captioned a photo of a dragon egg on Twitter. 

And, as a Twitter account supposedly belonging to Professor Snape hilariously pointed out, Harry Potter has a famous egg of his own. 

The InstaEgg has taken the world by storm, with Jenner even poking fun at the incredible way she was dethroned as Instagram's queen in a funny video posted to her Instagram on Sunday. The Egg Gang, however, couldn't be more thrilled. 

"This is madness. What a time to be alive," the account shared with its followers after winning the record. "Thank you so much for all of your support and messages. I'm gonna try to get back to as many of you as possible. But for now I need to sleep. It doesn't end here though, we're only just getting started. #EggGang. Mic drop."