'Game of Thrones': Who Will Survive the Final Season?


Valar Morghulis -- but we think these few might have a good shot of survival.

Valar Morghulis. 

Fans have long speculated that Game of Thrones' last season will be its bloodiest, with an HBO exec revealing last March that a season eight table read had the cast "falling down to their deaths." There aren't many main characters left on the series, but if the beheading of Ned Stark, the Red Wedding and the explosion at the Great Sept of Baelor, has taught us anything, it's that happy endings aren't necessarily the best ones.  

All men must die on Game of Thrones, but that being said, we're hoping at least a few live to the end of the series' eighth and final season. Here's who we think have the best chances: 

Arya Stark

If a girl has no name, she can't die, right? Though a season eight teaser showed our beloved Arya at the Crypts of Winterfell, gazing upon a newly erected stone statue of herself, we'd like to think she escapes the string of deaths headed our way (and whatever had her running for her life in the season eight trailer). 

As the proud new owner of a Valyrian steel dagger, killing a few White Walkers is surely in Arya's future. After that, we don't foresee her living out her years in Westeros. As season seven proved, Arya Stark isn't meant to be tied down. She's meant to fight, kill (and hopefully not be killed). 

Lyanna Mormont 

One Bear Islander is worth 10 mainlanders, and we've got all the faith in the world that our precious Lyanna Mormont will fight tooth and nail for her survival -- and the survival of her people.

The 10-year-old Lady is feisty, fierce and fabulous, and while Game of Thrones hasn't shied away from ruthlessly killing children (RIP Rickon Stark and Shireen Baratheon) in the past, she's JUST DIFFERENT. She's more committed than any other Lord to taking down the White Walkers, and we predict she'll live a long life after they're gone. Long live Lyanna Mormont!

Bran Stark 

There are theories that Bran is the Night King and theories he wargs into Viserion to defeat the Night King, but either way, Bran seems to come out on top. Though he's not the most exciting character -- and didn't appear at all in season five -- the young Stark has been central to the series.

Though it hasn't been easy to survive seven seasons without being able to walk, Bran's found a new power as the Three-Eyed Raven, and we think it's that title that will take him to the season eight finale and beyond. 

Ser Davos Seaworth

Davos has gone from hand of the King to the terrible Stannis Baratheon to principal advisor to Jon Snow just by being a generally nice guy, and there's no reason why his behavior shouldn't continue to be rewarded in season eight. 

Jon's not on this list of survivors, and we could see how our beloved Onion Knight might end up sacrificing himself to save our King in the North, but we're choosing to remain optimistic. He started from Flea Bottom, now he's here. 

Samwell Tarly 

Both Sam and Bran know things that other people don't (namely that Jon Snow is  Aegon Targaryen). No matter who takes the Iron Throne, someone's got to live to tell the story, and given Bran's reclusive nature, our money's on Sam.

He's smart, a big Stark supporter and a guy who knows how to kill White Walkers, but let's face it: the would-be Maester has secured himself a spot of survival solely because someone has to be alive to record season eight of Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones returns April 14 on HBO.