Gayle King Says She’s Still Testing Out Grandma Names (Exclusive)

The 'CBS Mornings' co-host told ET that she has another name she would like her new grandson to call her.

Gayle King is still testing out grandma names.

The 66-year-old CBS Mornings co-host became a grandmother last month, after her daughter, Kirby Bumpus, gave birth to a son named Luca Lynn Miller. However, as she told ET's Lauren Zima at Variety's Power of Women event, she doesn't like to be called grandma.

"I'm trying to decide. I don't want to be called 'grandma' or 'nana' because that just sounds -- no offense to the grandmas or nanas. No offense -- but I'm looking for a nice grandma name," she explained. "Right now I kinda like Gaia because it means Mother Earth and it kinda sounds like Gayle. But I don't know, I'm open."

"Maybe the baby will make up something," she added. "Maybe my favorite grandson, Luca, will come up with something for me."

King, meanwhile, couldn't be more "thrilled" with the latest addition. "I'm thrilled! I'm over the moon, really," she expressed, adding that Katy Perry gave her some "great advice."

"She became a first-time mother in August, so she knows all the latest tricks and all the latest gadgets and all the techniques," King said about motherhood and helping her shop for her grandchild. "I was thrilled she took the time, and we went to her favorite store, Chicken Little, and ended up taking everything off the shelves. Whatever Katy said get, that's what I got. One of the most fun things was a baby susher."

"It's something you put in the baby's crib and it makes a sound like he's in the womb," she explained. "So we have a baby susher because of Katy Perry."

King was on hand at the event to present Perry with the Variety Power of Women award. She shared that her Missoni glitter dress was inspired by the singer.

"I'm introducing Katy and I know Katy loves color," she shared. "I went to ask Katy, 'What's your favorite color?' and she said glitter. And I thought, OK, I'm gonna do that…I adore her and I'm thrilled that I get to introduce her."

Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

"All the women being honored, I have great admiration for all of them and it's just a joy to be in the room," King added, before sharing her thoughts on what the phrase "power of women" means to her.

"Nina Shaw says it best, I believe. She's an entertainment lawyer here in L.A, she's a big badass and she said, 'You want to be a woman in power? Then empower other women.' Isn't that good?" King stated. "And I think that's what we do for each other, right? I think we lift each other up and we cheer each other on."

As for the advice she would give others who feel like they're not being supported by other women for fear of competition, King noted the importance of being confident in oneself.

"There is always going to be somebody who is thinner, who's richer, who's prettier, smarter. You just have to get to the stage in your life where you feel good about yourself," she stated. "And when you reach that stage and you're not trying to be anybody other than yourself, it doesn't have to be a competition. I also think that this pie is big enough for all of us and there's enough variety here."

ET also spoke with Perry at the same event, where she revealed her 1-year-old daughter, Daisy's, latest word obsession.

"She is talking, but she thinks everything is a cat," Perry, who shares Daisy with her fiancé, Orlando Bloom, said. "... When a person will walk in she will say 'Hi, gato!' I don't know why she is so fascinated with cats."

"It's wild [because] people who love my music, they call themselves Katy Cats. She doesn't know anything about that, she doesn't care about any of that, but for some reason the major word in her life is gato," she continued of the Spanish word for cat. "It feels like destiny."

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