Gayle King Becomes a Grandmother as Her Daughter Kirby Bumpus Welcomes a Baby Boy

The 'CBS Mornings' co-host reacted to her family's latest arrival on Monday's show.

Gayle King is a grandmother! On Monday, the 66-year-old CBS Mornings co-host announced in Oprah Daily that her daughter, Kirby Bumpus, has given birth to a son, Luca Lynn Miller, with her husband, Virgil Miller.

"Please allow me to introduce to the world Luca Lynn Miller," King said on Monday's CBS Mornings, as photos of the growing family, which were first shared with Oprah Daily, were shown. "His middle name is Lynn. Virgil lost his brother earlier this year so little Luca has his uncle's middle name. We already call, his initials are LLM so we call him LL Mill. LL Cool Mill."

King went on to reveal that she traveled to meet her first grandchild on Friday, when her daughter returned home from the hospital.

Courtesy Gayle King

"It was the Lion King scene where they hold the baby up," King quipped, as fans saw a pic of her feeding her grandson. "That's how I felt about this child. I have wanted to be a grandmother for a long time."

"It's really something when you see your own child become a parent. I am so nuts about it," she added. "I was holding him, Kirby was like, 'You have to support his neck.' I said, 'Yeah, OK, I actually know how to do this.' But I am so grateful."

Courtesy Gayle King

King concluded by once again offering her congratulations and gushing over her grandson.

"Congratulations to my favorite daughter and favorite son-in-law. Now I have a favorite grandson," she said. "I didn't even wanna hand him back when he was crying. I didn't wanna let him go."

King first shared the news that she was going to be a grandmother during an April episode of the morning show. Around the same time, she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and revealed why she was hoping her first-born grandchild would be a boy.

"Listen, I'm the oldest of four girls," she said. "My whole life I wanted a big brother. My whole life. I just saw that people with big brothers were lucky. So I always like a firstborn to be a boy, then the second one is a girl. Then you have a big brother that takes care of you. That’s just my own little fantasy."

In June, King gushed about her first grandbaby-to-be in a sweet Instagram post. "Swipe left FIRST GRANDCHILD on the way!" she wrote alongside a series of family photos from a summer vacation in which Bumpus cradled her growing stomach. "Fav daughter @kirbybump baby is cooking!"

Bumpus, who tied the knot with Miller in December 2020 at Oprah Winfrey's Santa Barbara, California, home, also shared a "bumpdate" later that month.

Alongside a photo of herself glowing in a yellow dress, she wrote: "Hello with a bumpdate: Bump has a bump! A cheesy caption was inevitable for this bay bay."

When ET spoke to King earlier this month, she revealed that, while she was "psyched" about the impending arrival of her first grandchild, she'd yet to decide what the tot would call her.

"I'm trying to come up with a cool name, but I know I don't want to be Grandma or Nana," she told ET. "I'm very excited about a first grandchild, so I'm trying to come up with a great name."

As Bumpus' due date approached, King got some baby advice from Katy Perry, who welcomed her daughter, Daisy, with Orlando Bloom last year.

"Katy Perry's very nice. She knows that my first grandchild is on the way. So she took us to her favorite child store, which also happens to be in Santa Barbara, Chicken Little," King told ET's Rachel Smith. "She walked us through things that she thinks Kirby would like."

Watch the video below for more on King's first grandchild.