George Clooney Walks Unassisted Just Five Days After Terrifying Scooter Crash -- Pic

The Oscar winner is on the mend and keeping his smile up even as he limps across the tarmac at a private airport.

George Clooney looks to be healing quickly after his frightening motorcycle accident in Italy less than a week ago.

The Oscar-winner was spotted flashing his winning smile as he arrived in Rome via airplane on Sunday, where walked off his private jet and crossed the tarmac unassisted, while carrying his backpack.

The 57-year-old actor -- who was involved in a head-on collision on July 10 while traveling 60mph on his scooter on the Italian island of Sardinia -- seemed to be in high spirits, but was still clearly in pain as he gingerly walked through the small airport in Rome, where he is currently filming his new Hulu series, Catch-22.


The sighting comes just three days after Clooney was seen getting on a private plane with his wife, Amal Clooney, and their twins, during which the actor required help from flight crew as he hobbled onto the small aircraft.

Clearly, Clooney is getting better quickly, which is an impressive feat considering the seriousness of his accident, which sent him flying nearly 20 feet through the air.

Italian authorities previously confirmed to ET that Clooney was involved in a traffic collision while riding his scooter near Olbia, Italy. 

Security camera footage of the crash shows just how serious the accident was. In the video, a motorbike ahead of Clooney is actually able to narrowly dodge a black car when the vehicle suddenly stops in front of it, but the actor isn't so lucky, and smashes straight into the car.

A source told ET that Clooney’s helmet hit the windshield so hard it broke due to the force of the impact. He was hospitalized after the accident.

A rep for Clooney told ET, "George was treated and released from an Olbia hospital," and said the movie star "will be fine."

For more on the motorcycle accident, watch the video below.