Gigi Gorgeous Comes Out as Pansexual

 Gigi Gorgeous attends Christian Cowan x Powerpuff Girls Runway Show on March 08, 2020 in Hollywood, California
Presley Ann/FilmMagic

The YouTuber is coming out for the 'fourth time' as she learns more about herself.

Gigi Gorgeous is pansexual. The YouTube star revealed in a video on Friday that she has learned even more about herself and her sexuality following her spouse, Nats Getty's, transition. Nats came out as transgender and nonbinary in January. 

In her video, Gigi opened up about coming out "for the fourth time." 

"I came out as gay before I transitioned. I came out as transgender and then I came out as gay again," she shared. "Honestly, those are some of, if not my best, favorite memories. Searching deep within myself, finding out something different and putting a label on it." 

"Since then, I have gotten married to that same person, who has since transitioned," she said, referring to Nats. "It was actually through my husband Nats that this kind of was unlocked inside of me. It's always been there, this girl has always been inside of me, but it took this stage of my life really to open up, and I'm ready to share this with you guys."

Gigi explained that over the years, she realized she didn't fall in love with Nats "because of his gender." 

"I fell in love with the person that he is," she said. "I just want to let everybody know that I am pansexual. I'd heard that term before, I knew a few friends that identified as that. It never really stuck with me, I never really got it. I mean, I understood it for them, but could never see myself as pansexual."

Describing her interpretation of being pansexual as "falling in love with the soul of somebody," Gigi shared, "I think that that's one of the most beautiful things ever. It's profound and amazing to me. When I finally clicked with it and felt it... it was definitely a lightbulb moment."

Gigi said she doesn't regret her previous coming out videos, but she does "want this to be my last time coming out." 

With that, she ended her video by sharing a message of support to those who may be on a similar journey of embracing their true selves. "Don't be ashamed or push down who you're meant to be," she encouraged. "It takes everybody a different amount of time, and I'm here for you."

See more on Gigi in the video below.