Gigi Hadid Says Taylor Swift's 'Delicate' Music Video Is 'Perfectly Symbolic of the Last Year'

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Taylor Swift's close pal, Gigi Hadid, is a big fan of her new music video for 'Delicate.'

Taylor Swift's close pal, Gigi Hadid, is a big fan of her new music video for "Delicate."

Swift debuted the music video on Sunday during the iHeartRadio Music Awards, in which the 28-year-old singer plays an A-list starlet, who can't escape the attention of her security team or legion of fans. However, when she magically turns invisible, she gets to live the life she's been longing for, dancing around her hotel and the subway without anyone taking notice.

Lyrically, the song appears to reference the beginning of her relationship with boyfriend Joe Alwyn. Swift herself subtly references the British actor in the video, when a sign in the background reads "Joe's Deli." 

Hadid gave her own thoughts on the whimsical video on Monday, praising director Joseph Kahn. She also appeared to give insight into Swift's 2017, when she remained largely out of the spotlight before dropping her album, Reputation.

"Liberating to watch and perfectly symbolic of the last year .. ❤," the supermodel tweeted in response to Kahn's tweet about how Swift loved dancing in the rain for the video. "Made my heart happy :) x bravo @JosephKahn."

So far, Swift and 27-year-old Alwyn have managed to keep their romance extremely private, though fans recently got a rare glimpse of PDA between the two. The couple was spotted on a hike together last week in Malibu, California, when Swift held on to her beau's arm.

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