Gina Rodriguez and Brett Dier Reveal What They'll Take From the 'Jane the Virgin' Set (Exclusive)

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Gina Rodriguez and Brett Dier have some fun - but totally unrealistic - ideas about what they'd like to steal from the set before Jane the Virgin wraps.

ET's Courtney Tezeno caught up with the pair at PaleyFest -- where panels for both their series and their fellow CW show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, took place --  and they pondered the possible set pieces they'd like to keep as mementos once they finish filming. Rodriguez stars as the title role on the series, while Dier plays Michael, Jane's formerly dead husband who made a shocking reappearance in the season four finale.

"I need to start stealing things!" Rodriguez, 34, exclaimed.

"I should too," Dier, 29, agreed before offering up his idea. "The whole hotel would be great," he said of the show's swanky Marbella Hotel set.

"Or just like all the fish details on the hotel. I just want the fish," Rodriguez countered.

Once they got past the idea of running off with the entire hotel set, Dier revealed that he's actually already stolen a key item from set.

"You know when Michael died in season three and he dropped that lunch pail with the cops on it? I took it. I didn't even tell. I just took it," he confessed, which led to praise from Rodriguez. "There [were] two sitting there and I just left with it. No one noticed."

"We actually do know. We were on the hunt for that for a very long time," Rodriguez quipped.

While Jane is coming to an end, both Rodriguez and Dier credit the show for their current successes.

"You know what's so beautiful? Today I was sitting on set missing Brett, as I always do, and he pops up on my Apple News feed on his TV show, Schooled, because he's so incredible. Watch it, because he is outstanding," Rodriguez gushed of his co-star. "So the evolution is watching this man continuously kill it, in front of me outside of the show. I'm just in awe of you."

Rodriguez wasn't the only one doling out praise. Dier went on to call the actress "the best scene partner I've ever had" and gush that she's "present" and "always playing."

"I've learned so much. I know what's important, to stay grounded. All that kind of stuff," he added. "Dude, we've learned a lot together haven't we? It's been great."

Jane the Virgin returns for its final season Wednesday, March 27 on The CW. Watch the video below for more on the series.


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