'Glee' Actor Nails His 'America's Got Talent' Audition With Epic Rihanna Cover

Noah Guthrie
Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Love & Acceptance

A former McKinley High student has graduated from glee club to America's Got Talent.

Noah Guthrie -- who appeared on 12 episodes of Glee season six as Roderick Meeks, the first member of the rebooted glee club, New Directions -- wowed the AGT judges on Tuesday night's episode with his rendition of Rihanna's "Love on the Brain."

"I got my start doing YouTube videos. Had a little bit of a fan base from that," Guthrie, 24, told the judges before his performance. "Had a couple viral videos and things led to another and I actually ended up on a show called Glee, which was crazy."

"I knew I recognized you," Simon Cowell exclaimed. 

With nothing more than an electric guitar and his gritty, blues-style voice, Guthrie impressed the judges enough to get his ticket to the show's second round. 

"That's talent," host Tyra Banks declared backstage during Guthrie's performance.

"I can't wait to sing for y'all again," he declared on Twitter.

Guthrie isn't the only awe-inspiring performance from this season, though. Tuesday night viewers also met 13-year-old Courtney Hadwin, a shy girl who transforms into a Janis Joplin-like star when she sings.

"Bloody hell, Courtney. You’re like this shy little thing when you first came out. And then you sing and you’re like a lion," Cowell, 58, said of her performance of Otis Redding's "Hard to Handle." "I mean, genuinely incredible."

Fellow judge Howie Mandel agreed wholeheartedly, sending the teen straight through to live rounds with a press of the coveted Golden Buzzer.

"You are not from this era. You’re from a whole different era," Mandel, 62, explained.

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