Gloria Estefan Jokes Husband Wasn't Allowed on 'Father of the Bride' Set When Kissing Andy Garcia (Exclusive)

ET spoke with Estefan, Emily and Lili Estefan about new episodes of 'Red Table Talk: Estefans,' dropping Sept. 30 on Facebook Watch.

Gloria Estefan and Emilio Estefan have a strong marriage, but she wasn't about to have her husband watch her kiss another man on the set of Father of the Bride.

The singer-actress and longtime family friend Andy Garcia star as husband and wife in the upcoming remake. The film marked the first time in 43 years that Gloria kissed another man that wasn't her husband. And as she tells ET's Nischelle Turner, Emilio wasn't allowed to watch the interaction.

"Oh hell no," joked Gloria, while promoting the new season of Red Table Talk: The Estefans with Emily and Lili Estefan. "He wasn't even in the city. I was not having that, Girl, no way! I was nervous enough."    

"I did tell Andy, 'I am bringing love mints tomorrow' and he said, 'Don't worry, I am not going to smoke my cigars.' And I go, 'Thank you for that,'" she recalls, adding, "And I go, 'I don't want [your wife] Marivi kicking my butt!' And he goes, 'No, you are my only pass. You are the only person who she does not have a problem with.' Which is funny because he has kissed like a billion women in different things."

The Father of the Bride remake will still center on the father of a soon-to-be bride coming to terms with his daughter’s big day, but will be told through the relationships of a big Cuban American family and a Mexican American family coming together.
As for Andy being Gloria's on-screen husband, she notes, "Oh it was great because I started thinking, thank god it's Andy Garcia because he's a good friend! And we had great chemistry on set, with the whole cast by the way. It was amazing."

The movie also co-stars Adria Arjona and Isabela Merced as Gloria and Andy's characters' daughters, and Diego Boneta as the groom. Emily teases that "there's a little surprise in that movie too," but didn't share many details. Gloria, on the other hand, did note that in this iteration, her character and Andy's "are not in a great place" when the story begins.

"I'm not going to go into detail but yeah, there's a sub-story that complicates the story that everyone knows," she shares. "And of course it's a Cuban family that it's already complicated in itself and then it does deal with the cultural differences between Latinos."

Gloria, meanwhile, celebrated her 64th birthday on Sept. 1, and her and Emilio's 43rd wedding anniversary. Their marriage and relationship is admirable, with even Andy noting the love between Gloria and Emilio.  

"[Andy] says to me, 'You know what I find so cute? That you guys still hold hands,'" the singer says. "Of course we do. We hold hands. We'll be watching a movie and he'll grab my hand watching the movie in bed."

When asked what the secret to their strong bond is, Gloria replies, "Emilio surprises me in ways you never imagine."

"First of all, we love and respect each other a great deal. He makes me laugh every day of my life. And he really thinks about me," she explained. Their son, Nayib, was born on their second anniversary, making it harder to celebrate their nuptials, but Emilio always tried to make it special.

"I woke on my birthday, he had left already by the time I got up, and I go to my sink and there's a piece of paper…and a key chain that we got a picture taken at the Holiday Inn. We weren't married yet," she shares. "And he puts it on there, he goes, 'Hey, don't forget I love you forever.' And then the next day for my anniversary… I come back, and there's another paper."

"He'll leave me little notes on the pillow. He's thoughtful," she adds.

Their love translates to their children, with Emily expressing how as she's gotten older, "I’ve realized how much of an anomaly and a gift it is and just to see a working model of a marriage."

"So many people around me have divorced parents or have trauma from relationships from things they've endured," Emily explains, adding that she doesn't have words for her parents' amazing "love story." "It's the details, the little things that continue to ring, that shine throughout their marriage."

The ladies, meanwhile, are gearing up for the new episodes of Red Table Talk. Emily says, "Expect the unexpected," for what they have in store. The Emmy-nominated series has earned a lot of praise, and helped the women become better communicators and shed part of themselves and their past.

The season is set, with guests like former Bachelorette Clare Crawley, Becky G, Anitta, Ariel Winter, Karamo, Amara La Negra and more. But the ladies still have some guests they'd love to have sit at the red table. Among them include Cardi B, Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez.

"I will speak for myself, I would love to see J.Lo at the table," Emily says, with Gloria adding, "She is a busy girl."

When asked about Lopez's rekindled romance with Ben Affleck, Gloria says, "I am happy for her if she is happy. She looks very happy."

While they already had important guests and topics chosen for the series, Gloria admits that this season she talks about something that "the crew wasn't aware" of.

"Never shared with anybody other than my family," she shares, with Emily adding, "She decided the night before and we had a call between the three of us...I feel very proud of you for that and I think it's gonna help a lot of people."

Emily notes that while they star on the show, "It's not about us. It's about what can we do to help the world and to help other people."

"And when we get responses from episodes, that's just validation to me that we're doing the right thing," she says, adding that some topics they touch on are "hard for us to explore but there's always something to learn from them. Even the people that disagree with us, that's great. That's part of it. We have to learn to disagree, that's a skill."

The new episode of Red Table Talk: The Estefans drops Sept. 30 on Facebook Watch.