Christopher Plummer Earns Golden Globe Nomination for Kevin Spacey 'All the Money in the World' Role

The actor replaced Spacey in the Getty biopic.

Christopher Plummer earned a Golden Globe nomination for Ridley Scott's Getty family biopic, All the Money in the World.

The nomination comes as a bit of a surprise considering the actor stepped into the role of J. Paul Getty only last month, after Kevin Spacey was removed from the film. 

Initial allegations of sexual misconduct were leveraged against Spacey by Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp in October. In an interview with Buzzfeed, Rapp claimed that Spacey came on to him in 1986, when he was just 14 years old. Since then, eight current and former House of Cards employees have come forward claiming that Spacey created a "toxic" work environment on set. He has also been accused of sexual misconduct and assault by several other men. Through his lawyer, Spacey has denied all these allegations.

In addition to being removed from All the Money in the World, Netflix severed all ties with Spacey, including canceling a planned Gore Vidal biopic. The show announced it will return for a shortened sixth and final season following Robin Wright’s character, Claire Underwood.

“I am thrilled and grateful to the HFPA for recognizing All the Money in the World. I am especially proud that the beautiful performances of Michelle and Chris were celebrated today," Scott said of Plummer and Michelle Williams' nominations in a statement to ET. The film received three nominations in total. "Despite the unexpected challenges we encountered after shooting was completed, we were determined that audiences around the world would be able to see our film. Hundreds of people associated with the project put their hearts and souls into every frame to ensure that could happen. So the fact that we have received these wonderful acknowledgements this morning is especially gratifying. Thank you HFPA.”

When ET caught up with the 87-year-old actor in November, he said he wasn't really "replacing" Spacey, but rather creating a whole new role. "In a funny way, it’s starting all over again because it’s going to be different, naturally," Plummer explained at the time, just before he started filming the role. Scott and Plummer filmed the actor's part Nov. 20-29, according the the director

"The situation is very sad, because he’s such a talented guy. The whole circumstance is sad," Plummer added of Spacey.

The Golden Globes are the first major awards show to contend with the fallout of Hollywood’s many alleged sexual offenders, which has brought down projects by Harvey Weinstein and seen previously recognized series, House of Cards and Transparent, ignored when the 2018 nominations were announced.

Plummer has previously been nominated three times and won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in 2012 for Beginners.