'Good Trouble' Season 5: The Coterie Navigates Life After Evan's Shooting in New Trailer (Exclusive)

Good Trouble S5

ET exclusively reveals what's to come in the new season of Freeform's 'Good Trouble.'

Good Trouble is back for another explosive season, and ET is exclusively premiering a first look at what's to come.

In ET's exclusive trailer, Mariana struggles with survivor's guilt after Evan was shot trying to help her, Joaquin (Bryan Craig) and his sister, Jenna, escape Silas's farm compound to get the latter out safely. Although the incident brought back Callie and their moms, Stef and Lena, to rally around Mariana as she struggles with fallout from Jenna's escape, the remorse threatens to overwhelm her.

"I wish it was me," Mariana tells her sister as Evan languishes in a medically induced coma. Things get even more tense as Mariana takes over as interim CEO of Speckulate, where her presence puts Evan's stake in the company in danger.

"I'm so afraid to fail you," Mariana tells a sleeping Evan after she's warned that the company can fire her if the board finds her unfit as CEO. "Don't die on me. Please."

Meanwhile, following the emotional toil of last season, Isabella and Gael contend with her last-minute decision to raise their baby after they agreed to let Gael's sister Jasmine adopt the baby. Gael finds it difficult to believe Isabella is ready to be a mother and she struggles to reign in her instincts to flee in the face of his uncertainty. 

It doesn't all look like doom and gloom in the future. Callie, who made her exit in season 4, will be sticking around the Coterie for a short arc after previously boarding a plane to Washington, D.C. and leaving Los Angeles to begin her dream job at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). With her return to her sister's side, she finds herself back in her dance with on-and-off beau Jamie. 

On a similar ride are Davia and Dennis, who are reveling in the honeymoon phase of their new relationship as they venture into new territories of their careers, as well as Sumi and Alice as they handle co-managing the Coterie. Malika and newcomer Luca juggle their love lives with their professional lives as the former finds herself back in the sights of her ex, Angelica, and the latter attempts to reconnect with family and struggles to keep up in his first-ever professional dance class. 

Watch the full trailer below.

Good Trouble airs Thursday at 10pm, next day on Hulu.