'Good Trouble' Stars Tease How Season 2 Addresses Those Finale Cliffhangers (Exclusive)

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When Good Trouble returns for its sophomore season, there will be several cliffhangers for the Freeform drama to address: Did Callie make her choice between Gael and Jamie? What does Dennis and Davia's surprising romance mean? Will Mariana really leave her job at Spekulate?

"Season one left off on a bit of a cliffhanger, particularly for Callie. She is going to have to, in season two, really make some decisions," star and executive producer Maia Mitchell says in ET's exclusive video previewing season two, which includes a first look at the new episodes.

There is a lot to mine in the romance department with the residents at the Coterie. "You see more of a personal side to Gael, rather than just a relationship with him and Callie," Tommy Martinez promises.

As Josh Pence reveals, Dennis -- who checked himself into a hospital with a 48-hour hold -- will struggle to let Davia in. "We definitely start to expand into this relationship between Dennis and Davia," Pence teases. Emma Hunton adds that "an interesting dynamic" between the unlikely couple begins to manifest as the new season unfurls.

Another pivotal storyline is Alice coming out to her parents, who weren't so much surprised by their daughter's big step forward as they were expecting it. Making things even more heartbreaking is the fact that "now that she's out, there's still going to be a lot of other dilemmas, in terms of who she is," Sherry Cola teases. "She's still kind of discovering that."

And with Mariana facing the possibility of leaving Spekulate after teaming with her fellow female colleagues to ensure pay equality with their male co-workers for the same work, there's a lot up in the air in regards to her professional future. "She's kind of been changing the culture at Spekulate," Ramirez says, pointing to the risky move to make the salary discrepancies public. 

But in the end, family proves most important at the Coterie, Ramirez says: "No matter what they're going through in their everyday lives, they have each other. They go through it together."

Good Trouble returns Tuesday, June 18 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.

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