Gordon Ramsay Says He's 'Lucky' to Be Alive After Scary Bicycle Accident: 'My Helmet Saved My Life'

Gordon Ramsay said he had a scary bike accident this week in Connecticut. No broken bones, but he did suffer a massive bruise.

Gordon Ramsay says he's lucky to be alive after a scary bicycle accident, and he's thanking his helmet for saving his life.

The Kitchen Nightmares star took to Instagram on Saturday and implored his more than 17 million followers to heed his advice when it comes to riding bikes: wear a helmet! The famed chef then shared that he badly bruised his body after "a really bad accident" while riding in Connecticut.

The father of six says he's doing OK. No broken bones but he did bruise the left side of his body. For good measure, Ramsay lifted his white chef's jacket to reveal the massive bruise covering his torso. 

Gordon Ramsay - Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

"It really shook me," said Ramsay while sharing details of the accident. "Honestly, I'm lucky to be here. Now, from those incredible trauma surgeons, doctors, nurses and the hospital that looked after me this week, they were amazing. But, honestly, you've got to wear a helmet. I don't care how short the journey is. I don't care the fact that these helmets cost money. But they're crucial. Even with the kids, a short journey, you've gotta wear a helmet."

Before lifting his jacket to reveal the big bruise Ramsay added, "Now, I'm lucky to be standing here. I'm in pain. It's been a brutal week. And I'm sort of getting through it. But, I cannot tell you the importance of wearing a helmet."

In his caption Ramsay wrote, in part, "I'm thankful for all the doctors, nurses and staff at Lawerence + Memorial Hospital in New London who looked after me and checked me out, but most thankful for my helmet that saved my life."

Fans commented on the post and breathed a sigh of relief that he's OK.

"A 'bit' bruised up. Be safe man, glad you're okay and I hope you feel better soon!" commented one follower. Another added, "The way my heart sank when you lifted your shirt!! The world needs you chef!! Beyond happy to hear you are going to be okay, and thank God for that helmet! Happy Father's Day and speedy recovery goat!!"

Ramsay signed off the video by wishing all fathers a happy father's day. Ramsay and his wife, Tana, share six children. She most recently welcomed Jesse James Ramsay (a "whopper" at 7 pounds and 10 ounces) back in November 2023. Earlier this year, Ramsay spoke to ET about how baby No. 6 was a dream come true.

"That was the dream. That was the dream we first set out," said Ramsay when asked if having six kids was the goal. "I proposed to Tana down in the Florida Keys ... I was fumbling around, 'cause I dropped the fricking ring. And so, I'm like, 'Is something biting your feet?' ... the ring, I had lost the ring. So, I had to get down on my knees. She's like, 'Oh my god. Oh, my god' I'm like, 'Yeah, now, wait a minute. i've lost the f***ing ring.' So, it's not that, 'Oh my god moment' 'cause I'm like s****ing myself. I dug deeper. I found the ring, and then proposed. But I ballsed that up. But it's worked, by the way."

Gordon Ramsay - Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images