Gwen Stefani Reveals New Nickname for Her and Blake Shelton

The singer said she is 'really excited' about the couple's new combined moniker.

The love between Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton never gets less adorable.

The songstress took to her Instagram story to share a super cute video revealing the clever portmanteau moniker for her and Shelton as a couple.

"Just so you know, I got a new nickname for me and Blake, it's called 'Gwake,' and I'm really excited about it!" Stefani gleefully exclaimed.

"It's like Gwen and Blake together, but Gwake," Stefani helpfully explained. "I didn't make that up, [Blake] made that up."

It's a cute -- and somewhat more manageable -- alternative to the pair's currently used nickname among fans, Shefani, which is a hybridization of the couple's last names (that also happens to sound like a high-end fashion line).

The singer shared another clip, seemingly shot on the studio lot where she and Shelton shoot The Voice, which showed her beau complimenting her pink and white fringe-covered dress.

"Hey, look at that, doesn't she look like a delicious ball of cotton candy? Delicious," Shelton said as a beaming Stefani gave a twirl for the camera. "I could go further into that [analogy] but it'll get disgusting."

Later in the evening, after it was announced on the show that John Legend had been named Sexiest Man Alive -- a role previously held by Shelton himself -- Stefani jokingly shared her condolences with her boyfriend while standing next to a giant poster of Legend's People Magazine cover.

Shelton, however, was unfazed, explaining that he "taught him everything he knows."

Gwen Stefani/Instagram

Check out the video below for some of the pair's cutest moments from their time together on this season of The Voice.



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