Gwyneth Paltrow Curses Out Someone Who Questions Whether She Actually Cooks

Gwyneth Paltrow
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Gwyneth Paltrow is defending her skills in the kitchen.

In a recent Instagram Live Q&A, the 46-year-old actress was immediately offended when someone asked if she cooked. "Do I actually cook? Yes, I f**king cook!" Paltrow exclaimed. "You think I would pretend to write cookbooks if I didn't cook?"

An irked Paltrow then praised those watching that were sticking up for her, before offering one last message to the person who posited the question. "Thank you for defending me and f**k that person," she said.

Paltrow's annoyance, as she mentioned in the clip, comes largely from the fact that she has actually penned five cookbooks, some of which are New York Times bestsellers: Notes From My Kitchen Table (2011), My Father's Daughter: Delicious, Easy Recipes Celebrating Family and Togetherness (2011), It's All Good: Delicious, Easy Recipes That Will Make You Look Good and Feel Great (2013), It's All Easy: Delicious Weekday Recipes for the Super-Busy Home Cook (2016) and The Clean Plate: Eat, Reset, Heal (2019).

In addition to her cookbooks and lifestyle brand, Goop, Paltrow also recently appeared on Jon Favreau's Netflix cooking show, The Chef Show. While lending a hand in the kitchen, Paltrow hilariously revealed that she doesn't remember being in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

"Yeah, we were in Spider-Man together," Favreau reminded Paltrow on the show. "Remember we were in Spider-Man?"

"We weren't in Spider-Man," Paltrow replied, to which Favreau said, "Yes, we were. Homecoming. You were in Spider-Man."

Still in denial, Paltrow looked at Favreau with a blank stare, saying, "No. I was in Avengers."

"Remember Spider-Man at the end? And Tom Holland's there and you're gonna walk out and do a press conference," he said, trying to jog her memory.

"Oh yes! That was Spider-Man? Oh my God!" Paltrow realized with a big laugh.

Following the revelation, Spider-Man himself Tom Holland expressed discontent over the fact that Paltrow didn't remember working with him.

"I mean I've only worked with Gwyneth one time -- on Spider-Man: Homecoming, which she doesn't remember," he told Popsugar with a good-natured laugh. "Still to this day breaks my heart."

Watch the video below for more on Paltrow.


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