Tom Holland Says It 'Breaks My Heart' That Gwyneth Paltrow Doesn't Remember Working With Him

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Tom Holland is a bit bummed Gwyneth Paltrow forgot about working with him.

The 23-year-old actor played a trivia game for Popsugar alongside his Spider-Man: Far From Home co-stars, Zendaya and Jacob Batalon. In the clip, Zendaya asks, "What is 'Pepper' Potts' first name?"

Petter Potts is the character that Paltrow, 46, plays in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which originated in 2008's Iron Man

"It's, like, Virginia or something," Holland correctly asserts, before expressing discontent about Paltrow's recent hilarious comments when she forget about her role in Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2017.

"I mean I've only worked with Gwyneth one time -- on Spider-Man: Homecoming, which she doesn't remember," he says with a good-natured laugh. "Still to this day breaks my heart."

Holland quickly remembers that the pair also briefly got to work together on Avengers: Endgame, something that also had a funny outcome.

"One time when we were shooting... Avengers Endgame she was in her blue suit and I was in my Spider-Man suit and she came up and she asked me for a photo with me and Robert [Downey Jr.]," he says of Paltrow's Iron Man love interest and co-star. "And then I think she posted it and she said, 'Robert Downey Jr., myself and this guy.' I was just 'the guy.' It was cute. It was cute."

"That's nice," Zendaya says, before adding with laughter, "'This guy.' Meaning, 'I forgot his name!'"

In the pic, which was posted in April 2018, Paltrow wrote, "I love April 4th because it was the day god gave us @robertdowneyjr HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear heart. Love me and that other guy in the photo."

Paltrow's comments about forgetting her Spider-Man role came with the release of The Chef Show on Netflix earlier this month. In the episode, Paltrow is chatting with actor-director Jon Favreau when the topic comes up.

"Yeah, we were in Spider-Man together," Favreau reminds Paltrow. "Remember we were in Spider-Man?"

"We weren't in Spider-Man," Paltrow replies, to which Favreau says, "Yes, we were. Homecoming. You were in Spider-Man."

Still in denial, Paltrow looked at Favreau with a blank stare, saying, "No. I was in Avengers."

"Remember Spider-Man at the end? And Tom Holland's there and you're gonna walk out and do a press conference," he says, trying to jog her memory.

"Oh yes! That was Spider-Man? Oh my God!" Paltrow realizes with a big laugh.

ET's Keltie Knight recently caught up with Holland at the premiere of the latest MCU flick, Spider Man: Far From Home, and he gushed about getting to work with Downey Jr., whom he tapped as his favorite bromance on-set before amending his answer.

"Well, me and Downey aren't a bromance, were like a father-son-mance, which is a little creepy," he said.

Watch the video below for more of ET's interview with Holland.


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