Hailey Bieber Reacts to Taylor Swift Fan Slamming Her and Justin: 'I'm Not Worth the Energy'

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Hailey Bieber is standing up for herself and her husband.

After Hailey and Justin Biber took to Instagram Live to recreate Taylor Swift's hilarious, post-Lasik surgery freakout over a banana -- which was caught on camera by her mom and played on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon -- Hailey defended herself against Swifties who took issue with the Biebers' post.

"I never knew I could make somebody so upset.. truly I’m so sorry you’re THIS upset?!" Hailey tweeted in response to a since-deleted tweet from a fan of the "Lover" singer. "Lord have mercy I hope I’m never this upset about someone I don’t know!!"

Justin's mom, Pattie Mallette, responded to her daughter-in-law's tweet, writing, "? Who cares what jealous angry people think? I am so grateful Justin saw / sees the obvious Queen God made you. What God puts together let no one separate! ??"

Hailey continued tweeting, telling the fan that she thinks "it's awesome how passionate you are and how hard you ride for someone you’re a fan of, it’s beautiful how dedicated you are."

"If there’s something I did to personally hurt you or offend you I’m sorry, it’s not my intention to upset you by any means," she wrote, before continuing in a third and final tweet.

"Being angry at someone you don’t know does nothing for you. I know cause I been there.. all it’s gonna do is make you miserable," she wrote. "Don’t let ME of all people get you feeling that way. Trust me, I’m not worth the energy, nobody should be worth that energy!"

Some fans reacted strongly to the couple's recreation because of the recent feud between them and Taylor, which stems back to the "Lover" singer's drama with Justin's friend and manager, Scooter Brawn.

As for the original video, Taylor appeared to be shocked and embarrassed when the late-night host played it on air.

"I can't even be mad. I'm just impressed that you infiltrated my family," Taylor told Jimmy. "I don't even know how you did that! Nobody has my mom's number."


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