Halle Bailey Shares Music Video for Powerful Love Song and Ode to Son Halo, 'In Your Hands'

The GRAMMY nominee released her second solo single on March 15.

Halle Bailey is back with her second solo single! On Friday, the 23-year-old singer unveiled the music video for her powerful ballad, "In Your Hands," a follow-up to her debut single, "Angel." 

Produced by GRAMMY-nominated producer DemJointz, Bailey's new track is a gorgeous love song about the battle for a once-in-a-lifetime love. The singer waxes romantic about a love so mighty and powerful that it rivals the "moonlight in the dark." Promising to be her love's "only friend" when they're down and suffering, Halle croons that when "the demons come knockin'," there's no need to worry because together, they'll "never, ever let 'em in."

"In your hands, in your hands / The world is yours when I'm in it / In your hands, in your hands / You can't let go or you'll lose your chance / 'Cause after me, you'll never fall in love again," the six-time GRAMMY nominee sings in the song's chorus.

The video solely features Bailey with alternating scenes of her along the rocky oceanside at night and in the daytime as she belts out the song's lyrics and pulls off a spectacular guitar riff. 


At the end of the music video, the singer is joined by a special guest -- a baby that fans have deduced is her three-month-old son, Halo!

It would make sense that Halo would appear in the video because, as Bailey explained in an Instagram Live chat with her fans ahead of the video's release, the love song doubles as an ode to her baby boy. 

"The beautiful thing about the song as well is that, the verses that I wrote, I wrote when I was pregnant," she explains in a clip of the Instagram Live shared to X (formerly Twitter). "In a way it has a double meaning, the verses are almost to Halo because I felt like I was singing to him. Just about how I'm always going to be there for him and my journey as his mother and all these things. And it made me really happy."

Watch the music video for "In Your Hands" below.

Bailey has been opening up a bit more about motherhood since she and her boyfriend, DDG, announced the arrival of their son on Jan. 6.

During a GRAMMY U Masterclass talk last month, the Little Mermaid star spoke about how having a child has been a new motivating factor in her life and career. 

"I feel like I've reached this new level of maturity, especially being a mother now, which is so crazy to say," Bailey shared with the crowd. "It has opened up a whole new can of worms for me, honestly. I am obsessed with my baby. It's insane."

"It's literally like your heart is in your hands in this beautiful being," Bailey said of holding her child. "I just feel like I have such greater purpose and so much more to do for him and so much more that I want him to be able to experience. It gives me a new motivation and drive and passion for myself, for my family, for my life."

As for how she handles criticism lately, Bailey said that staying off social media is key for her.

"I feel like I have learned how to balance it, really by shutting the world out," she explained. "So that's my first step. I shut out the opinions of other people when it comes to social media, Twitter or Instagram. I just have to not read anything. I have to turn it off. We're sensitive human beings. I love to hear people say nice things about me, and if I see one thing that hurts my feelings, I'm gonna cry."

Additionally, she noted that she ignores criticisms: "I just ignore it, ignore it, ignore it. If somebody says something I don't like, I'm turning the other way."