Hannah Berner on 'Summer House's Package Problem, Luke, Paige and Everything Else (Exclusive)

Berner answers all the 'Summer House' burning questions, from why they get so many packages to what’s going on with her and Luke.

Hannah Berner is ready to answer every burning Summer House question, like why do they always have so many packages waiting for them when they arrive in the Hamptons?!

"Because we are responsible for everything," she tells ET. "If like, we want to throw a party or we want alcohol, we have to order it ourselves. So, we order Amazon and we get Fresh Direct ordered for the food. Once we forgot the Fresh Direct order, and we had jello shots all weekend. No food. Maybe a slice of turkey."

"We're normally drunk when we're ordering," she adds. "It's actually Amanda [Batula]'s responsibility to place the order. She's the house mom. Kyle [Cooke] is the house dad. And they're in charge of all that stuff. I'm in charge of bringing the fun and they're the organizers."

Mom and dad’s relationship, though, appears to be rocky, at least when it comes to what's currently playing out on the show. But Hannah says, Summer House fans need not worry about the future Mr. and Mrs. Cooke.

"As of now, they're making it," Hannah shares. "They have a wedding date. So, if they end it, it's gonna be a divorce and I hope there's not gonna be kids involved. That's all I have to say."

"They've been through so much," she notes. "If a couple can survive that, it's, like, maybe they are meant for each other. I think love is complicated, and if two people really want to make it work, regardless of the lack of sex or the cheating scandals, I think you can do that. I mean look at Jax [Taylor] and Brittany [Cartwright from Vanderpump Rules]."

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"I think that Kyle and Amanda are so fun together, but when they started living [together] they saw that they're very different in certain ways," Hannah adds. "Kyle is very organized, kind of OCD, and Amanda is a little more laid back, and when she gets anxious or tired, she doesn't want to go to work. So, they're learning the different sides of each other that I guess they didn't learn when they were drunk in a hot tub."

Speaking of being drunk in a hot tub, Hannah recently found herself in that position, getting flirty with new housemate Luke Gulbranson. Luke has pretty aggressively pursued Hannah so far this season, despite the fact that she was seeing a different guy, Armand, at the time. Even so, Hannah hasn’t shut down Luke’s pursuit, and it doesn’t seem like she will.

"There's just so many different people that I wanna experience and learn from in this life," she says. "Involving penises."

"He has this confidence about him that, like, even though he's doing his own thing, everyone just gravitates toward him," Hannah says of Luke. "I don't know if it's because he's so good looking, his face is so symmetrical. You're like, what is that like?"

Today, Hannah says she and Luke are "very close" and calls him "as handsome as ever," but says viewers will have to tune into the show to see exactly how things unfolded between the two. It's safe to say that things heat up for Hannah and Luke, which -- somewhat surprisingly -- leads to things boiling over with the other housemates. In the season trailer, the guys explode on Luke, warning him about hurting Hannah.

"I think the guys are protective of me," Hannah says of what’s to come. "I think Carl [Radke] and Kyle, regardless of our fighting, they do protect me, and they were a little scared that this guy was coming in, it's like, 'Don't mess with our women!' I don't need protecting, but I do think that they kept an eye on him to try to make sure that I wasn't gonna get hurt. I also think he didn't want to get hurt. So, it goes both ways."

Luke also appears to drive a wedge between Hannah and her BFF, Paige DeSorbo. In the same trailer, Paige cries to Hannah over losing out on a whole summer together because of "a guy," aka Luke.

"When your friend starts seeing someone, it does affect the friendship," Hannah admits. "I think we got to a certain place where we were not agreeing about the relationship, and it sucked that a guy can take a toll on your friendship, because I love Paige more than anything and I want her to be in my life as long as possible, where dudes come and go, you know?"

Women also enter the picture, too. This season, house newbie Jules Daoud is working to get close with Paige… maybe a little too close.

"I think that she admires Paige a lot," Hannah offers. "Paige is an influencer. She's iconic and people want to be like her. So, I think Paige is really good at what she does and Jules is like, likes her style. And they have similar style. Would Jules make out with Paige? A hundred percent. But I don't think she would skin her and wear her skin."

Hannah confesses that Jules had the hardest time integrating with the group, all relatively new friends to her. According to Hannah, Jules knew a former housemate -- Jordan Verroi -- best. He'll pop up in the coming weeks to, apparently, stir up drama.

"Jordan is always at the center of drama, whether he wants to be or not," Hannah laments. "I think he kind of came for some kind of redemption, and he also has some complicated feelings with Jules. So, you see Jules in a different light. Not just as a tag-along friend, but a romantic interest."

Jordan isn’t the only familiar face who will drop by the Hamptons, though. The men of Southern Charm -- Austen Kroll, Craig Conover and Shep Rose -- also popped by, adding yet another potential love interest to the mix for Hannah!

"Austen’s tall, he's totally my type," she says. "And I love to bully him, because southern guys are very different than these northern dudes … and I was like, ‘You can't handle New York girls,’ and he was like, I don't know..."

As for the other residents of the Summer House, Hannah calls the soon-to-air demise of Carl and Lindsay Hubbard's romance "the least surprising thing that's ever happened on TV."

"Like, the second they started, we all were petrified," she says. "And that's why we would tip-toe around it. Or be like, are you guys OK? And she'd be like, 'Don't talk to us about it!' And then I'd be like, sorry. We just wished for the best for them and the best for us. But because they were friends beforehand, they do have a care for each other. So, after they fight and stuff, they still do love each other."

Hannah says the whole house ends the summer still loving each other, despite the drama -- which includes a Survivor-style voting out of possibly more than one resident!

"When you're in a house and some people aren't bringing good vibes, sometimes you gotta trim the fat," she teases. "There are multiple involved in this vote-off. And there were multiple other fights that occured because of it. It wasn't the proudest moment of our Summer House experience."

"I was surprised by how intense it got," she continues. "It was like a life and death, like, Lord of the Flies-type experience, which I hope I never have to do again."

Hannah is currently living an experience she would like to do over and over again, though, hitting the road on a stand-up comedy tour! She said she got the stand-up bug after doing a few live shows for her podcast, Berning in Hell.

"I first got my live podcast show and my friend was like, 'Dude, 10 minutes of stand-up. I bet you can't,' and I was like, I will," she explains. "And I got -- then, I peed myself. I got very scared. And then I did the 10 minutes and I was like, people were saying that was my favorite part of the show. So, slowly I got to 20 minutes. Now, I'm at around 40 minutes. And that's what I'm performing around."

If Hannah’s not coming to a city near you (check show dates here), you can still catch her every week on Summer House, airing Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo. And, if you ever wondered why the cast always packs up suitcases whenever they leave the Hamptons, Hannah says the answer is simple.

"Think about it: say I have, you know, five outfits I'm going to wear this weekend. If I bring all my stuff, I have nothing to wear in the city," she says. "So, we bring the outfits. We don't leave it there, because we're not gonna wear those outfits again. So, we bring it back. And then I have to bring new outfits."

Essentially, the Summer House family can’t be, to borrow a phrase from The Lizzie McGuire Movie, outfit repeaters.

"I see it on Twitter all the time, about the boxes and this. Like, there's a reason!" Hannah ads. "We have to order food, and we order alcohol. And then we -- I can't wear the same clothes! Honestly, it's the hardest part of Summer House … Normally, I would wear just the same navy bathing suit all summer with someone's ripped shirt. Now, I have to look like a person."


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