'Summer House' Season 4: Cast Reacts to Carl and Lindsay’s Hookup and More! (Exclusive)

ET spoke with the stars -- Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula, Paige DeSorbo, Hannah Berner, Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard -- at BravoCon.

Get ready to send it all over again!

Lindsay Hubbard, Carl Radke, Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula, Paige DeSorbo and Hannah Berner are all moving back into Bravo's Summer House for a fourth season this February, and ET got the cast’s first interviews about what all goes down at BravoCon, the network’s first-ever fan convention in New York City.

"I would say this summer is a lot crazier than last summer, if you can even imagine that," Paige teases. "A lot of friendships get tested, a lot of new relationships happen, so it’s really good."

"I think that people have sex with each other, and people fight who you never would have expected," Hannah jumps in. "I think in all relationships, as you get closer, you get tested."

"There's a lot of twists and turns and tornadoes," Lindsay offers, while Amanda sums up the summer as, simply, "drama, drama, drama."

"There are some relationships that evolve, and there are some relationships that, like, you think would never have romantic involvements, so I’ll have to tease that a little bit," Carl says. "But that's all I can say."

As fans saw in the trailer, which premiered at BravoCon, Lindsay and Carl -- longtime friends who were always flirting -- finally take things to the next level on season four… but it’s not a smooth transition into a real relationship. In fact, judging by the trailer, it just is "Sunday Scaries"-inducing.

"Yeah, we had a lot of fun this summer…," Lindsay cautiously admits. "But there were mornings that I woke up and was like, 'Uhh... oh my god. Where am I? And, why am I here?'"

"There were a few mornings, when I woke up and didn’t even know what happened the night before," Carl confesses.

"It honestly surprised us probably even more than it surprised you," Hannah shares. "Paige and I only hooked up once, but people were expecting it."

While she's just joking about that hookup, Paige and Hannah do share a bed again this year… by choice. As Paige puts it, their relationship is "certainly not normal."

"We chose it, 'cause, like, when you are alone, you get stuck with your own thoughts and stuff, and that is terrifying," Hannah says. "[Paige] brings me food in the middle of the night, too."

Complicating things for Paige and Hannah, though, is the fact that Paige is now in a serious relationship. The fashionista is dating entrepreneur Perry Rahbar.

"Perry actually loves Hannah way more than he loves me, so that’s comforting on some levels," she jokes. "Perry definitely makes his presence known, and we talk about him a ton. There is a lot of drama, and my friendships get altered because I have a serious boyfriend and I’m very different than I was last summer."

That makes Paige one of three housemates locked into commitment. Kyle and Amanda, of course, got engaged the summer before. Now, this year, is all about wedding planning.

"We probably hooked up the least out of everyone in the house this summer," Amanda admits. "You’ll see our struggles with the planning throughout the season and, I mean, it wasn’t the easiest for us, but we are doing it. It’s still happening."

"Launching a company, spending so much time out in the Hamptons, when your weekends are when you would typically look at venues, I mean it wasn’t easy and you’ll see us go through the wedding planning process," Kyle adds. "It's a process. Just finding the right venue, I never thought it would be this hard, let's just say that."

That company Kyle references is LoverBoy, the canned hard tea label he and Amanda created together. Now, their business also includes Carl, who has come on board to help with sales.

"It's been a roller coaster and been an adventure, but I think he is a huge asset to the team," Amanda says of working with Carl.

"I'll be honest, working with your best friend and his fiancee is amazing, and exciting, but it presents a whole different part of the relationship, business over friendship," Carl says. "We have our moments and I, obviously, am a work in progress, but I am really happy to be a part of it and as Kyle says, one word, quota."

Also mixing things up this season are two new housemates, who Paige and Hannah promise "shake up the house" in a good way: model Luke Gulbranson and influencer Jules Daoud.

"As Kyle Cooke once said about me, when I started on the show, they are a great value add," Amanda says of the newbies. "I think they really added to the summer and we had a lot of fun but again, drama, drama, drama."

"The last couple years, it's really just been me and Kyle, so it's nice to have another bro in the house," Carl admits, referencing Luke. "I mean, Kyle and I are alphas, so having a potential new alpha could cause some friction."

"It's really nice to have a guy who is a manly man, like, who can be buddies with the boys, because they are, like, bros," Lindsay adds. "So, it's nice to have another bro around for them, at least, because us girls always kind of stick together. So, it's nice you get another guy in the mix, another dude."

Season three's Danielle Olivera and Jordan Verroi will also make guest appearances this year (they no longer live in the share house), as well as some other familiar faces.

"Yeah, we have some friends from the past come back and friends, maybe in the Bravo world who come and visit," Carl teases. Historically, cast members from Vanderpump Rules have dropped by the Hamptons, though it's worth noting that the guys from Southern Charm were posting on Instagram from the New York beaches over the summer.

Fans will have to tune in to find out just who shows up and what goes down, though. Summer House returns to Bravo on Wednesday, Feb. 5, at 9 p.m. ET. Check out the season four trailer below.