Hannah Godwin Has Concerns About 'Bachelorette' Hannah Brown's First Impression Rose Winner Luke P (Exclusive)

The blonde beauty also opened up about who she's interested in meeting on 'Bachelor in Paradise.'

Hannah Godwin says her Bachelor pal, Hannah Brown, "crushed" her first night as the Bachelorette -- and the drama that came with it. 

Godwin joined ET's Lauren Zima for Tuesday morning's Roses and Rose Live, where she opened up about Brown's Bachelorette premiere and revealed that based on promos, she has a few concerns about one of the season's frontrunners. 

"He obviously has a lot of different sides, so hopefully she sees all of them," she said, noting that Luke P. -- who won Brown's first impression rose -- is seeing furiously yelling into a man's face in the season's trailer. For now, however, she can see how Brown likes him. 

"I think she was kind of vibing with Luke. I could tell they were vibing a little bit," she shared, later adding that his "Beast"-inspired limo exit was the "ticket" to Brown's heart. "There's obviously a fling there."

Godwin also noticed Brown's interest in Connor S., following their "makeout scene." "[And] Jed, his music, that was really good," she shared. 

"She totally wears all her emotions on her sleeve and on her face... but she has the classic 'Hannah might be awkward' smile... [when] she shows all of her teeth, she's not into it."

Brown certainly wasn't into contestant Scott, after Demi Burnett (who was hiding in a surveillance van with Katie Morton on night one), revealed to her that he might have a girlfriend. According to Godwin, Burnett did actually get a message about Scott's girlfriend back home -- that was all real. 

"She handled it perfectly... she went full beast mode," Godwin said of Brown's response to the situation -- confronting Scott and sending him home before the rose ceremony. "That's how Hannah is. She's not going to sit around and let people walk all over her." 

Though Godwin and Brown became close on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor, they actually knew each other from the pageant circuit, having both competed for Miss Alabama.

"She worked really hard for that title. I actually watched her win Miss Alabama USA," the blonde beauty said, noting that it was "so weird" to see her on night one of Underwood's season, which instead focused on Brown's pageant rivalry with Caelynn Miller-Keyes. "[Pageants] is a big part of her, but I don't think it defines her anymore."

Godwin, who said becoming Miss Alabama USA 2018 helped Brown "break down her shell," saw a different side to the Bachelorette on Monday's premiere; she was no longer the woman who couldn't deliver a toast on a one-on-one date. 

"It seemed like when I was watching last night, that she was putting her feelings into words... she was speaking from the heart," she expressed. "I was tearing up. I was so proud of her, and I feel like this is really going to work for her."

It's that confidence in Brown finding love on the show that has given Godwin a bit of pause when it comes to picking out potential men for herself on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise. The fan favorite hasn't been announced to be joining the cast yet, but viewers are hopeful she'll be there. 

"Connor, Dylan and then Mike. ... [I'm] open to anybody that I connect with ... including Blake [Horstmann]," she said, acknowledging fans shipping them together.

"There's a few cuties. If I ended up in this magical beach, it's like, 'Oh wait, you dated my friend.' But what if the person who I'm like, 'Oh, yeah!' -- what if she's with them? It's a weird thing," Godwin confessed. "I don't know who she's ending up with in this. What if I'm like, 'I think this person is really cute'... and they're, like, engaged?" 

We'll find out in July how Brown's season ends, but for now, Godwin said she's been "dating herself" following her breakup with Underwood. While a few guys from "different seasons" of The Bachelorette have slid into her DMs, she's keeping busy with traveling. 

"I'm much lighter now," she said of her personality following her split. "I've kind of gotten out of that weird, dark spot and I'm chilling."

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