'The Bachelor': Hannah G. Admits She Was 'Confused AF' by Colton's Mixed Messages During Breakup (Exclusive)

ET sat down with Hannah on Tuesday in her first interview after fans watched her devastating split from Colton.

Hannah Goodwin had no problem calling out Colton Underwood on Monday's shocking episode of The Bachelor. 

Fans watched as Colton, after jumping the fence following his split from Cassie, broke things off with Tayshia and Hannah G. It was the latter breakup, however, that left viewers -- and Hannah -- with questions. And the 24-year-old Alabama native wasn't afraid to quiz Colton during their live sit-down with host Chris Harrison. 

"I tried to make up for lost time and get answers I had been waiting for for months," she told ET's Lauren Zima, in her first interview on Tuesday following her and Colton's breakup. "[The way he ended things left me] confused AF." 

Hannah admitted that she was mad at Colton during their split -- but watching it back was "10 times worse." 

"To see him say that he thought about Cassie when he was with me... were you thinking about Cassie while you're looking at my dad in his eyes [asking for his blessing]?" she asked. "That was really hard for me to watch. It made me so confused."

"I did not know he had said all of those things to Cassie. And it was really hurtful things," Hannah explained, later calling his comment about thinking about Cassie while he was with the other women the most painful of all. Hannah also "thought it was weird" that during his breakup with her, he said he thought he'd end up with her at the end -- despite telling Cassie the same thing the night before. 

"Which one is true? I felt salty with the whole situation,"  she revealed. "But it sucks because it's what I signed up for too, but I just didn't expect it to go like that."

Hannah said that she knows her journey on The Bachelor didn't provide "the most screen time," but that her many on and off-camera moments with Colton had her thinking that she really was going to get engaged at the end of the show.

"I mean, he said he was falling in love with me. In the moment, I think it would have been hard for me to allow myself to say, 'I love him' if I didn't think he felt the same... There was zero question in my mind. I got my ring sized. I was ready to go. I was mentally ready to get engaged," she recalled. "There were so many things I wish more people got to see, which made our relationship so special."

"When he said, 'I thought it was you the whole time.' And he was like, 'I don't want to leave you right now.' ... I was like, 'OK. Hey, why are you leaving me then?'" Hannah said of mixed messages during their breakup. "I didn't have all the puzzle pieces together. I didn't know how passionate he was towards Cassie, that he had already had his date with Tayshia... what changed from USA soil to Europe soil?"

After she and Colton went their separate ways, Hannah said she was "in denial." "Every single day, I was like, 'There's obviously something missing.' I didn't see how upset he was whenever he left [on Monday's episode]," she shared. "I don't like seeing people struggle, but it does help to know that it was hard for him, and not just an easy goodbye... it was a hard goodbye [for me]."

While she seems to still have issues with how Colton handled their breakup -- including his line about how she still "felt like home" -- Hannah thought they still had a good connection. 

"I think the bitter side of me wants to be like, 'Yeah, he led me on,' but really, I think he had to be in the moment. It's what he signed up for, to test out every relationship," she said, adding that she no longer feels in denial about their split. She also feels like she got enough closure to truly walk away from her relationship with Colton. 

"I have not stressed out every single day and cried so many days for months to go out [on Monday's episode] and say, 'All is good,'" Hannah continued. "[Watching the show back] helps with flipping the page... Today, I feel like there's a big weight off my chest." 

Hannah said she doesn't know "what's going to happen" between Colton and Cassie after Monday's episode showed him knocking on her door to win her back, but said she respects the Bachelor for "following his heart and his gut." 

As for where her love life lies now, the content creator said she's still hoping to find someone to "jump a fence for me." "I don't know [if I'll be the Bachelorette]," she teased. "We will see." 

"I know for me, love was just at my fingertips, I was so close to getting it. I'm ready to date, but seriously date," she added of whether fans could see her on Bachelor in Paradise. "Any opportunity for love, I'd be open to."

Colton's journey will continue with night two of the Bachelor finale on Tuesday, airing at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Join ET's Bachelor Nation Facebook group here, and tune in to ET Live for Zima's take on Colton's big ending at 7 p.m. ET!