'The Bachelor' Finale: Hannah B. Starts Her First Night as 'Bachelorette'

The virgin Bachelor's journey is coming to a close -- while the next 'Bachelorette' started!

Colton Underwood finished his last night as The Bachelor -- and ET was live blogging along the way. 

Monday's shocking night one of Colton's two-night season finale saw him return to the show after his fence jump and say goodbye to final two women, Tayshia and Hannah G., to pursue a relationship with the woman who dumped him, Cassie. On Tuesday's episode, we found out how she took him back, with ET's Lauren Zima going live with Roses and Rose directly after the episode to share all her thoughts!

After Colton and Cassie established their relationship -- and made clear to Chris Harrison that an engagement has been discussed but likely won't happen tomorrow -- our host with the most focused on the next season of The Bachelorette

It was Hannah B. who was the lucky woman to get another shot at love -- with her season starting that night! Luke, Dustin, Connor, Cam and another guy named Luke (who looked like Nick Viall) made big entrances, as Hannah adorably stumbled through the introductions. 

By the last man, however, she was ready to hand out her first rose, to Cam. Check out how everything played out below.

Colton teased his dramatic finale while speaking with ET last month. 

"As the weeks progress, it gets more real and more real, and I think not only for me but these women too," he said. "It's unlike anything else, and it's going to be a crazy one. You guys are in for a wild ride."

"It's going to be unexpected to a lot of people," Colton added of his ending. "So we'll see what I'm shouting at the end off the rooftops, but I hope at the end of it, you can know that I'm happy. So we'll see."

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