Chris Harrison Wins the 'Bachelor' Finale by Asking Colton If Cassie's 'Just Not Into' Him

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Chris Harrison truly is a national treasure. 

TheBachelorhost with the most gave us a gift with night one of Colton Underwood's season finale on Monday, holding things down for a live show in Los Angeles to react to the show in real time. 

It was an emotional night, featuring the aftermath of Colton's fence jump, his breakups with Tayshia and Hannah G. and then decision to try to reconcile with Cassie after their split. And while some fans were screaming at their TVs asking why Colton would give up two women who loved him for one that seemingly doesn't, Chris actually asked him, point-blank. 

"What if the bottom line is, she's just not that into you?" he brought up to the Bachelor as he vowed to fight for Cassie after his fence jump. While Bachelor Nation might be split on their support of Colton continuing to pursue Cassie -- who awkwardly told the camera on this week's episode that she's ready to move on -- they couldn't have been prouder of Chris for asking the hard questions. 

Colton's haircut, however, got less rave reviews -- but there was a lot more to talk about, including Hannah G.'s admirable handling of her breakup. 

Colton's journey will continue with night two of the Bachelor finale on Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC -- ET's Lauren Zima will be going live with Roses and Rose right here at 7 p.m. ET.  Join ET's Bachelor Nation Facebook group here.  


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