Heather Dubrow Pokes Fun at 'Real Housewives' During Surprise Stand-Up Gig -- Watch! (Exclusive)

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Heather Dubrow isn’t afraid to poke fun at herself. Or, let someone make her poke fun at herself.

The former Real Housewives of Orange County star is the latest guinea pig for David Spade’s "Build a Comic" segment, seen on his Comedy Central show, Lights Out -- and ET has your exclusive first look at how the 50-year-old’s surprise stand-up gig went down. The set-up is simple: Spade and a comedic cohort (this time, it’s Whitney Cummings) feed a celebrity jokes while the star is on stage at a comedy show. The audience, seemingly, has no idea the lines aren’t coming from the celeb herself. Vanderpump Rules’ Stassi Schroeder has participated in the bit, too.

"I can't say that stand-up comedy is in my wheelhouse, but I have great respect for comics and I'm smart enough to know that this is not in my lane," Dubrow confesses before taking the stage. "I was really excited until about 35 minutes ago, and I've become progressively more nauseated as the time is clicking down. This could be a total s**t show, or it could be fabulous."

Lucky for the Heather Dubrow’s World host, the set went over well, as she delivered self-deprecating jokes about herself ("I know, I look like a woman who used bribery to get my kids into college"), her marriage ("Everyone wants to know the secret to staying young… marry a plastic surgeon. I married one to get the employee discount!") and, of course, The Real Housewives.

"Do you know how I got onto The Real Housewives?" Dubrow asks the crowd on Cummings' prompt, before delivering the punchline. "No, I’m asking… 'cause I was drunk the whole time. Did you watch that?"

"If you don’t know what The Real Housewives is, it's like football for women,” she adds. "But with more brain damage."

Watch the full segment above, and tune into Lights Out With David Spade on Tuesday at 11:35 p.m. ET on Comedy Central for more.


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