Heather Dubrow Says She's 'So Proud' of Daughter Max After Coming Out as Bisexual

The 'RHOC' alum is supporting her daughter Max after she shared that she was bisexual.

Heather Dubrow is supporting her daughter Maximillia, aka Max, after the 16-year-old came out as bisexual. On Tuesday, the last day of Pride Month, the former Real Housewives of Orange County star's daughter took to Instagram to share her news.

"I always knew i was bi, i just thought it was bipolar," Max captioned her pic, which shows her sitting outdoors in the grass with a rainbow flag around her. Heather reposted Max's announcement and wrote her a sweet message.

"I love you my beautiful, hilarious, amazing child! I am SO proud to be your Mother ! ?️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍?," the 51-year-old reality star captioned her post.

Max also replied to her mom's note, writing, "HAHAH i love u mom!!! thanks for being the best, most supportive mom in the world❤️❤️❤️."

Heather had previously posted a rainbow flag, captioning the shot, "#love #pride," in support of Pride Month.

ET spoke with Heather -- who left RHOC in 2016 after joining season 7 -- in February, where she talked about her children and some backlash she received after posting a photo of her 9-year-old daughter Coco wearing a tuxedo to a formal event instead of a dress. She told ET that, above all else, she would always support her children.

"So for me, I have four children and they are all very, very different, and my job as a parent is to create healthy, functioning, independent humans," Heather shared. "Whether those humans are straight, gay, bi, trans, they like to wear girls clothes, boys clothes, gender-neutral clothes, I don't care. That does not fall within what I am talking about."

"They need to be healthy, functioning, happy humans and I really think that Terry and I -- we are not perfect parents -- but I think we are doing a pretty good job," she continued. "So, when I post about Coco, she is just my daughter. I don't think about the fact that she is wearing a suit, not wearing a suit, that she likes to wear 'boys' clothes, whatever that is. I do think it is sad, some of the comments that we get back on social media. But, you know what? That is not my job to change everyone. I am in charge of my four humans, and we are walking a good path."

Hear more of what she said in the video below.