Heather Locklear's Arrest: New Details Emerge on What Allegedly Happened With Boyfriend Chris Heisser

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Heather Locklear claims she feared for her life the night she was arrested for one count felony domestic violence and three counts misdemeanor battery on a police officer last month.

According to a search warrant obtained by ET on Friday, Heather alleged that her boyfriend, Chris Heisser, tried to choke and kill her shortly before police arrived to her home on Feb. 25; he denied this in the same warrant and police did not observe any bruising on her neck.

The warrant states that, according to a Ventura County Sheriff's deputy, when police arrived, Heather was on a bed, lying back with her feet on the floor. Chris was allegedly standing on the side of the bed, leaning over Heather and holding her wrists. Officers say in the warrant that they observed Chris bleeding from the bridge of his nose with redness on his chest, and when asked what happened, Chris claimed Heather attacked him multiple times, at one point biting his face while she was "crazy, angry and wild." The documents also state that at some point during the interview with Chris, "he changed his story and stated he was fine" and "did not want to get Locklear in trouble."

Officers also explain in the warrant that Heather claimed the fight began because Chris lied to her, resulting in her throwing a can of Red Bull at him. She alleged that Chris choked her to the point that she couldn't breathe. According to the court document, Chris denied that he tried to choke Heather, saying, "I didn't touch her." One of the deputies allegedly offered Heather medical attention, but she refused, stating she was not injured. The warrant alleges that Heather then told the cops to "get out of my f**king house" before grabbing one of the police officers on the arm and kicking him in the shin.

Once cuffed, officers alleged that Heather made the following threats, which led them to file the search warrant: "I hope no one f**king burns your entire department down, your f**king police department down, or your homes, or your private homes. Because you come into ours, I'll come into yours. I'll stalk you. You just feel what it's like. Now that I've got your names, watch out. Get the f**k off my property. Don't ever come on it. All of you are not allowed ... I will shoot you if you come on my property and take that as a threat and f**king put another count against me."

During the investigation, Heather's daughter, 20-year-old Ava, told officers that her mother had been drinking, and the police discovered a .38 Smith & Wesson revolver registered in Heather's name. They did not, however, find a weapon when they searched the home.

As previously reported, Heather was arrested after a domestic violence call was reported at a residence. In an initial investigation, police alleged that she had battered Chris at the residence prior to their arrival. During the arrest, police said that Heather allegedly became combative and uncooperative, and allegedly battered three deputies. A spokesperson for the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department told ET at the time that Heather was transported to a local hospital that night, where she was evaluated prior to being booked into jail. She posted $20,000 bail and was released the following day.

A few hours after Heather's arrest, Chris was arrested on a driving under the influence charge in Thousand Oaks, California. He was cited and released shortly after. Heather's next court appearance is set for March 13 in Ventura, California, while Chris is scheduled to appear in court for his case on April 26.

A source told ET on Wednesday that Heather is currently in a treatment facility and finally "getting the help" she needs after battling substance abuse "for years." Hear more in the video below.


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