Heather Rae and Tarek El Moussa Share Special Meaning Behind Son's Name

The couple welcomed their son, Tristan, on Jan. 31, and recently shared the first photo of his face.

Heather Rae and Tarek El Moussa are opening up about welcoming their son into the world. The Flipping El Moussas stars previously revealed their newborn son’s name is Tristan Jay El Moussa, but on Wednesday, they gave new insight into the sweet meaning behind the moniker. 

"Tristan was the name that Tarek was supposed to have, Jay is my dad's middle name and four generations of Jay," Heather wrote on Instagram. The proud mom also shared the little guy was born on Jan. 31 at 6:55 a.m. and weighed 7 pounds, 7 ounces at birth. 

Earlier this week, the couple shared the first photos of their sweet son's face in a precious family photo from the hospital. 

They also revealed that they had "some scary moments leading up to him entering the world." 

Heather said that she was four days past her due date at a doctor's appointment when she was "rushed" to the hospital after their son's movements in the womb had slowed down. Once she arrived at the hospital, Heather had to have medical interventions to help labor along. 

"It all happened really fast. Tristan’s heart rate was dropping very low every time I’d push and was staying low. Which was terrifying," Heather wrote. "My doctor told me that we had to get him out right away. I had four more pushes and to give it my all and she was going to use a vacuum to help get him out fast or otherwise we would have to do an emergency C-section."

Heather noted that Tarek was by her side, talking her through the entire delivery. 

"I pushed so hard all the blood vessels broke in my face and chest," she wrote. "Tarek yelled I see his head, push push push. Our baby boy came out healthy and beautiful, I was in a state of shock it was a surreal experience. I was emotional and drained and so in love already."

Heather and Tarek first shared these details and images with Us Weekly.

Tarek is already the father of Taylor, 12, and Brayden, 7, whom he shares with his ex-wife, Christina Hall. The now father-of- three admits that although he has witnessed his children’s births, Tristan’s was still a surreal moment. 

"I knew it was happening, but … it was like a feeling that I didn’t even know [could happen]. And it was just such a beautiful thing," he told Us Weekly

The Selling Sunset star also opened up about her experience giving birth. "Having my own and carrying him and then going through the labor … it’s just such a beautiful thing that the female body can do," Heather said.  

Heather and Tarek announced they welcomed their son with a sweet post on Feb. 2. 

"Our baby boy is here 1.31.23," Heather captioned the picture of her and Tarek’s hands holding their little boy, whose face was out of the frame. "Mama & baby are happy, healthy, tired but doing well. Our hearts are so happy ❤️"

And on Tuesday, Tarek and Heather took to their Instagram accounts to celebrate Valentine’s Day. 

"My forever Valentine ❤️ To the love of my life @theheatherraeelmoussa - every day feels like Valentine’s day with you and I really mean that. You are my best friend and the person I look forward to sharing my life with," the former Flip or Flop host wrote in honor of his wife. "You changed me for the better and you changed the way I look at life:) For a while there, I used to think it would be me and the kids forever… then I met you:) Now here we are almost FOUR years later, married with a newborn baby boy and a full house. I wouldn’t change it for the world. You and the kids mean everything to me and I can’t wait to spend Valentine’s day with you for the rest of our lives ❤️❤️❤️ me and you always."

Heather Rae felt equally as festive as she celebrated her man in her post. 

"Hubby appreciation post ❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day my forever love. ❤️ Seeing you be there for me as a new mommy to our baby boy while still juggling the kids and work… you never stop you have such a passionate drive," she wrote. "I have never loved you more. You always show up for me and are the best husband and daddy I could ever ask for, I feel so lucky to have you. These last few weeks, it feels like my heart could explode with love and joy and happiness - I have never experienced this kind of feeling before. My heart is so full and it’s all yours @therealtarekelmoussa. I love you my best friend. 🌎 ❤️❤️."