Heather Rae El Moussa Shares Sweet New Pics of Son and Details About 'Mom Life'

The 'Flipping El Mousas' star and her husband, Tarek El Moussa welcomed their son, Tristan in Jan.

Heather Rae El Moussa is living in mommy bliss! On Sunday, the Selling Sunset star took to Instagram to share a sweet new picture of her and Tarek El Moussa's baby boy, Tristan.

"New to the El Moussa crew 🥺🤍🤍 Mom life is staring at him non stop because I can’t get enough." she wrote. "The moment I held him in my arms he became my world. I’m thinking about sharing some things like my breastfeeding experience and how Tay and Bray have been with him so let me know if that’s something you guys want to hear or if there’s anything else 🥰."

Next to the caption was a series of pictures featuring Tristan asleep in a bassinet and rocking a onesie that reads, "New to the El Moussa Crew." 

Tristan, who was born on Jan. 31, joins his older siblings Taylor, 12, and Brayden, 7, whom Tarek shares with ex-wife, Christiana Hall.

Last week, the proud parents announced their son's name and shared the inspiration behind it.

"We’d like to introduce Tristan Jay El Moussa to the world 🤍 6:55am 1-31-23 7lbs 7oz
Tristan was the name that Tarek was supposed to have, Jay is my dads middle name & 4 generations of Jay," Heather wrote alongside a post of her, Tristan and Tarek in the hospital -- following his birth.

Heather also revealed that they had "some scary moments leading up to Tristan entering the world." 

Heather said that she was four days past her due date at a doctor's appointment when she was "rushed" to the hospital after their son's movements in the womb had slowed down. Once she arrived at the hospital, Heather had to have medical interventions to help labor along. 

"It all happened really fast. Tristan’s heart rate was dropping very low every time I’d push and was staying low. Which was terrifying," Heather wrote. "My doctor told me that we had to get him out right away. I had four more pushes and to give it my all and she was going to use a vacuum to help get him out fast or otherwise we would have to do an emergency C-section."

Heather noted that Tarek was by her side, talking her through the entire delivery.

"Tarek was on my right holding my hand talking me through everything. I pushed so hard all the blood vessels broke in my face and chest," she added. "Tarek yelled I see his head, push push push. Our baby boy came out healthy and beautiful, I was in a state of shock it was a surreal experience. I was emotional and drained & so in love already. It was scary, but beautiful & I had the best support from Tarek, my incredible @drlisakaramardian and all the nurses at Hoag. We have been in our own private bubble but today we are so happy to share Tristan and some of our birth story with the world 🤍🤍."

The reality TV star previously made the announcement with Us Weekly.

The proud parents opened up about welcoming their son with the publication. 

"I knew it was happening, but … it was like a feeling that I didn’t even know [could happen]. And it was just such a beautiful thing," Tarek told Us Weekly

Heather added, "Having my own and carrying him and then going through the labor … it’s just such a beautiful thing that the female body can do."