'Heathers' Reboot: Listen to Heather Chandler Sing a Suicidal Musical Number (Exclusive)

Heathers, Melanie Field
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Broadway star Melanie Field belts out "Lemmings Lament" in this exclusive track from the TV series' soundtrack.

Make love to me gently with a chainsaw!

Not only is the Heathers reboot, once-canceled-and-now-uncanceled, finally coming to TV screens, but it's coming with musical numbers. After all, you don't cast a Broadway star like Melanie Field and not let her belt. ET has the exclusive premiere of "Lemmings Lament," in which Field's Heather Chandler croons an answer to the question: If everyone jumped off a cliff, would you jump, too?

"Your dreams, they don't matter / So, let's go splatter," she sings. "Should I play it safe and stay here on my own? / Ugh, it doesn't matter if you're right and all alone / So, I must leave / But am I a sheep? / No, I'm a lemming / Lemmings have to leap / Lemmings have to die / Time to kiss the sky, goodbye!"

There will be two soundtracks released for the series, one featuring tracks from DJ Shadows and Peggy Lee, among others, and the original score from composer Chris Alan Lee (Younger). You can pre-order the score on Friday, but until then, check out another exclusive track, "In the Clear for Now":

Here is the full tracklist, which includes nods to the OG Heathers movie, like "What's Your Damage?," along with potentially NSFW titles including "Jade Can You Not Smoke Your Whore Cigarettes" and "The Devil's Jizz":

01. Heather Chandler Is Looking for You
02. Viral Casualty
03. What the Queef Is This?
04. American Carousel of Tragedy
05. Dear Diary
06. Discount HobGoblins
07. Heather Is Back
08. I Am Suicide
09. Jade Can You Not Smoke Your Whore Cigarettes
10. What’s Your Damage?
11. You Always Had to Be Blue
12. Butcher's Bridge
13. You Have the Political Beliefs of a Dorm Room Poster
14. This Is Lizzy OMG U Never Buy Me Anything
15. Total Bootcut Jean
16. You're a Dinner Roll. A Side Salad
17. Heather? We're Okay. Right
18. It's Always Been Veronica
19. JD’s Alibi
20. The Pent Up Rage of an Overachiever
21. Tag Is for Little Girls, Betty
22. Dentist Trip
23. Moby Dick
24. JD vs. Heather C
25. JD vs. Veronica
26. Kissing Betty
27. In the Clear for Now
28. Heather vs. Heather
29. She Needs a Mani not a Pedo
30. The Royal Murder
31. Heaven & Hell
32. Oops. 911
33. The Devil's Jizz
34. Human Red Flag
35. Coming for You
36. Lemmings Lament (feat. Melanie Field)
37. Heaven Is a Place on Earth (feat. Brendan Scannell, Melanie Field & Birgundi Baker)

The Heathers soundtrack is available digitally on Oct. 12 and original score on Oct. 19.