Heidi Montag Reveals Dreams of Becoming a Christian Pop Singer on 'The Hills: New Beginnings'

Heidi Montag
Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

The reality TV star is considering taking another shot at music!

Heidi Montag could be returning to music!

On Monday’s episode of The Hills: New Beginnings, the 32-year-old reality star discusses once again making music -- with a twist. This time around, she’d like to create Christian pop music.

"I really want to put out a great, faith-based, positive song," she admitted in the confession booth.

In another scene, Montag admitted to her husband, Spender Pratt, that she wants to be a "pop princess."  Later, during a chat with Justin “Bobby” Brescia, she mentioned that her single "Higher" was number 4 in Tokyo after it was released in 2008.

In recent years, she has really embraced her faith, even praying with fans on social media. And, if she tries to do music again, she wants to incorporate Christianity into her new tunes.

She told Brescia: "Before, I did pop music and that was really fun. …I feel like now, where I’m at, is more of a heartfelt, Christian vibe. [Opens a New Window.It’s] pop music, but there’s a Christian message. It’s just one song, but I want to do something good and send out a positive message to the world."

That’s when Montag took out her phone and shared some lyrics with her friend: "How am I here again? Lord, I keep stumblin'. I can’t do it on my own. Carry me. Strengthen me. Fill me. Only you can answer my prayers."

But the pair didn’t stop there. Montag sang a few bars before Brescia pulled out a guitar and tried to create a harmony.

The episode featured an important career moment for another cast member as well. Mischa Barton went on her first audition since ending her professional relationship with her mother, who was her manager for years.

"I’ve definitely had this nagging fear that I’m gonna make the wrong decisions," she said in the confession booth, as she began to cry. "I know that it’s not gonna be easy. The family thing is tough. I talk to my sisters and stuff, but it’s not the same as being here on my own."

Check out Montag and Brescia’s chat in the episode’s promo clip above.

The Hills: New Beginnings airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.