Here's the Kevin Hart Racing Video That Landed Him in a Wheelchair With Multiple Injuries

The comedian and ex-NFL running back, Stevan Ridley, raced at least twice.

Former New England Patriots running back Stevan Ridley has shared the video of Kevin Hart racing him, which resulted in the comedian suffering multiple injuries and being confined to a wheelchair.

The videos, posted Friday on Ridley's Instagram, show that the ex-NFL running back, 34, and Hart, 44, race not just once but twice. In the first race, Ridley smokes Hart in what was supposed to be a friendly challenge on who could run the fastest 40-yard dash. 

The second video shows them racing again, and that's when Hart appeared to have suffered his injuries. After taking off, Hart can be heard shouting, "Gotcha." But almost immediately after, the comedian shouts, "Oh, s**t!" as he slows down and grabs his left abdomen.

Adding insult to injury, Ridley captioned the post, "🏃🏾‍♂️💨💨 @kevinhart4real Gotcha?? Got whooo?!"

As fans know by now, Hart concluded that challenging a former NFL running back to a race is no joke. After explaining to fans why they may see him in a wheelchair during the weeks to come, Hart shared the extent of his injuries.

"Guys, I blew all my s**t. I tore my lower abdomen, my abductors are torn, I don't know what that is but I tore them, I tore those, too. I can't walk," he said.

After the painful lesson, Hart implored fans "that are 40 years old and above" to "respect that age, or that age will make you respect it."

A wistful Hart then reflected on his poor decision and lamented his vanity.

"What are we competing for at this age? What am I doing? Why did I even race? Stupidest s**t ever, now I can't walk," Hart said. "What was I thinking, son? I've got to be the stupidest man alive."

By the way, Ridley -- a former standout at LSU -- ran the 40-yard dash at the 2011 NFL Draft Combine and clocked in at 4.65 seconds.