Here's Who Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston Would Invite to a Murder Mystery Dinner (Exclusive)

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Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are partners in crime in their new Netflix movie, Murder Mystery, but ET's Kevin Frazier was interested to know who in real life they'd like at their table if ever they were to host a murder mystery dinner.

Aniston was quick to name a few late-night talk show hosts she thought would be great to cast as the murderer for the dinner. "Conan O'Brien would be an amazing murderer," she mused, before adding, "or Jimmy Fallon." 

Uncertain if Fallon was a good choice, Sandler quipped, "Oh, he'd be a lovable murderer." Aniston chimed in, "But that's why, you wouldn't know that it's coming. ...You don't want to suspect it."

The 50-year-old actress then pondered which of her Friends co-stars, Courteney Cox or Lisa Kudrow, would be best for the role of murderer. "[Lisa] would be the best."

Sandler added, "I'd still be on [Lisa's] side even during the murder. I'd be like, 'I guess this person deserves [it].' Lisa's so nice."

It's been more than eight years since Sandler and Aniston starred in the comedy Just Go With It, but the chemistry is still there! "I follow Jen. She's funny. When she's being funny, I'm funny. When she's being serious, I go, 'Everyone listen up, Jennifer's got something to say.' And then she gets it done, leads us in the right direction," Sandler gushed over his co-star. "She was the leader of this movie."

Flattered, Aniston added, "We were co-pilots and it was amazing."

The two also joked about when they did their own stunts and when they brought someone to stand in for them. "All of a sudden, the stunt woman comes in for the kiss at the end. She's like, 'Where's the stunt lady? Bring her in now.' I had to make out with the stunt lady," the 52-year-old comedian quipped.

Aniston clarified that Sandler was only joking, but did recall that the stunts they did on their own included Sandler shooting a gun and them falling through a window. 

In Murder Mystery, the co-stars play a married couple who becomes embroiled in a comedic and mysterious web of danger and death while on a cruise through Europe. The movie debuts June 14 on Netflix.


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