Jennifer Aniston Shares Why She Had a Change of Heart About Possible 'Friends' Reunion (Exclusive)

The actress opened up to ET at the premiere of her new film, 'Murder Mystery,' in L.A. on Monday.

Jennifer Aniston didn't mean to get everyone's hopes up about a possible Friends reunion, but she still wants people to remain excited.

The actress walked the red carpet at the premiere of her new comedy with Adam Sandler, Murder Mystery, and she spoke with ET's Kevin Frazier, who asked her about her recent revelation that she'd be happy to be a part of a reunion.

The remark was made when Aniston joined Ellen DeGeneres last week, and the actress -- who has long evaded or outright shut down rumors and speculation about the topic -- said she and her former co-stars "would do it."

So why the change of heart? 

"Well, 'no' was getting me nowhere, and 'maybe' was getting me nowhere. So I thought I'd try 'yes.' See what would happen," Aniston told ET outside the premiere at the Regency Village Theatre in Westwood, California, on Monday. "Sorry!"

So, when asked point blank about whether or not she and her former co-stars -- including Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc -- might be getting together for the long-awaited reunion, Aniston once again said, "Anything could happen."

"I have no idea though," she added quickly. "There's no plans in the immediate future."

So should fans get over it already? Aniston shrugged and suggested, "Or stay excited! And possibly something will happen?"

It's a safe bet that fans will, in fact, stay excited and continue to hold out hope for (and ask questions about) the potential for a reunion for years to come.

Meanwhile, the actress' new film, Murder Mystery -- in which she and Sandler play a married couple who become embroiled in a comedic and mysterious web of danger and death while on a cruise through Europe -- debuts on Netflix June 14.