Hilaria Baldwin Shares Video After Accusations She Photoshopped Her Post-Baby Body

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin
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Hilaria Baldwin is not here for body shamers.

The 34-year-old fitness guru took to Instagram on Friday to refute claims that she Photoshopped a pic of her body ten weeks after giving birth to her son, Romeo, with her husband, Alec Baldwin

“For those who are saying I photoshopped...how about this? If my ribs look funny, I apologize for them. I just had a very large baby so maybe they are still expanded. I don’t know...or maybe they will be like this forever,” she wrote alongside a video of herself in black lingerie. “Whatever, I got a beautiful baby out of it, so I’m fine with them.” 

Calling herself “the worst with technology,” Hilaria rejected the possibility of her knowing how, much less wanting to, edit a photo. 

“I’m the worst with technology anyway, so the idea of me altering an image is laughable,” she wrote. “If you know me, I’m totally against all of that and have been an advocate for appearing natural. It’s a shame that people are so accustomed to fake, that they want to see it everywhere.” 

The mom of four -- she also has Carmen Gabriela, 4, Rafael Thomas, 3 and Leonardo Ángel Charles, 1 -- ended her post with a call for a body positivity. 

“I teach health because I want you to be happy and healthy. I believe life is both too long and too short to not be,” she said. “I see the potential in everyone, and believe in my method and I want to help as many as possible.” 

Hilaria concluded: “If you would like, take my hand in this quest for feeling good and treating your body well. If not, it is ok too...but don’t cheapen my message by saying silly things. Just move on to somewhere else.”

The lengthy post came just hours after Hilaria shared a mirror selfie in the same black lingerie. 

“10 weeks, one day...it’s been a while since I posted an update photo like this. I do it to inspire feeding and exercising your body right,” she wrote in the initial post. “If it resonates with you, wonderful! If not, think of it as a bikini and scroll past ❤️ #wegotthis2018”

During an appearance on Today Friday, Hilaria revealed that she and Alec, 60, would be open to having their fifth child -- it would be Alec’s sixth, he shares 22-year-old Ireland with ex-wife Kim Basinger. 

“I think it’s possible,” she said of baby number five. “Not [for sure]. Alec thinks it’s very possible. He comes from a big family.”

ET caught up with the couple back in May, when they were singing a bit of a different tune about expanding their family.

"Mommy doesn't even want to think about another one right now," Hilaria, who was still pregnant at the time, told ET’s Leanne Aguilera.

"We can't afford it," quipped Alec. "[We're] pretty broke."

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