'Hollywood Medium': Lauren Zima Reflects on Emotional Reading With Tyler Henry (Exclusive)

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The below is my first-person account of my reading with Tyler Henry, which you can watch above.

When I sat down for a reading with Tyler Henry, I was open to anything... but also expecting nothing. Part of me was skeptical; I believe that our loved ones can live on after death, but I don't believe that everyone who claims to connect with those spirits and energies actually does.

So, I planned to limit how much I divulged to the Hollywood Medium star during my reading, and to try to see if he was the real deal. Our session started slowly. Henry has a kind energy to him, and a quiet confidence in what he's about to do. He told me that he wasn't sure who would come through, if anyone. He scribbles on a piece of paper as he speaks. I stayed quiet.

Admittedly, on the inside, I was hoping he would connect with my father, who died when I was 21. As the reading continued, Henry started to say things that made sense to me, so I gave in a little and gave him a small amount of information. I realized that if I was going to have a successful reading, I'd have to help him make some sense of what he said was coming through. I was encouraged because what he said was coming through did make sense to me.

Ultimately, I do think my dad was in the room with us. I got exactly what I'd hoped for; Henry referenced things that he simply couldn't have known about my family, my father and our past.

It's hard to process and explain this experience; the combination of skepticism, emotion, openness and belief is strange for the brain. When you're sitting down with Henry, you're opening yourself to a world you haven't been to and can't see. But I walked away feeling grateful, affirmed and at peace.

Hollywood Medium airs Thursday nights on E!


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