Megan Fox Tries to Tap Into Her Own 'Intuition' on 'Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry' (Exclusive)

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Megan Fox gets a reading on Wednesday's episode of Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, but according to Henry, the star might have some abilities of her own. 

In a recent interview with ET's Katie Krause, the 22-year-old opened up about Fox's appearance on the show, revealing that he helped the actress answer questions about her own "intuition." 

"A lot came in really quickly, and Megan was kind of curious about her own intuition, which I get a lot of questions about," Henry said. "A lot of clients often feel like they have something, and [are] just kind of curious to see if I can feel it." 

"I think we all have an intuition, for sure, and I have no doubt that she's had experiences that have validated her that there is something more," he continued. "But we all can have that, it's just a matter of tapping into it."

According to Henry, Fox, who opened up about a long lineage of psychic women in her family, has "deep empathy." "I think she's very empathetic, like, she can walk into a room and I feel like she often will kind of feel people's intentions and things, which is a good thing to have," he shared. "I think it's something we all are capable of doing if we can just kind of check in inward." 

During the reading, Henry connected "pretty strongly" with Fox's grandmother. "When we sat down, immediately I kept getting a Native American pull. It was so random, but it ends up [that] she has some Native American stuff... I immediately connected with her grandmother, and I remember seeing a breast cancer ribbon," he recalled. "So that was really special, and that was nice for her to kind of get that validation." 

Henry also helped deliver a message for Fox's mom, who is still living. Watch the promo below for more. 

Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on E!


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