'House of Flowers' Creator Manolo Caro Explores LGBTQ Issues in Final Season (Exclusive)

Manolo Caro

As the Spanish-language series comes to an end, ET chatted with the show's creator about what to expect.

Every family has secrets and the de la Mora clan is filled with them.

La Casa de Las Flores (House of Flowers) is back for its third and final season, ready to dig up all the lies and skeletons in closets, as well as take fans down memory lane. Season three takes viewers to 1979, to see how Virginia (Verónica Castro), Ernesto (Arturo Ríos), Solomon (David Ostrosky) and Carmela (Verónica Langer) became friends and became who they are now. The characters are played by Isabel Burr, Tiago Correa, Javier Jattin and Ximena Sariñana, respectively.

Meanwhile, in the present, after turning herself in at the end of season three, Paulina (Cecilia Suárez) is behind bars and hopes her ex-husband, María José (Paco León), can help her get out. Elena (Aislinn Derbez) is in the hospital after getting into a car accident, and Diego (Darío Yazbek Bernal) and Julian (Juan Pablo Medina) see their relationship threatened by conservative ideas, all while the de la Mora grandmother takes over the floral shop.

ET caught up with creator of the Spanish-language Netflix series, Manolo Caro, where he shared what fans can expect in the final season, the family's biggest obstacles and more.


ET: Did you always know that the third season would be your last?

Manolo Caro: We knew that this would be the last one. We knew since we made the first that if things went well there would be three seasons. We believed that it was a fair number because then other stories and opportunities would arise. But I can say that since the show's launch, we are very happy with people's response. People are responding very positively and hopefully they enjoy the third.

This is a season that is centered around nostalgia and we are ready to see where it goes.

We go back 40 years and get a look at Virginia and Ernesto's life when they were teenagers. Why did you take that route?

I believe that it's important to know the past to understand who we are today. For me, it was important to explore Virginia de la Mora and Ernesto's life. I always wanted to explore that side with the series. Me dio mucha emoción and I wanted to do it with Casa de las Flores.


In the flashbacks, we see a wild and free Virginia. Why did she change so much?

You have to watch all the episodes to see how sometimes when we are young and we want to take on the world, we feel free and we have no prejudice, we don't have a sense of what's good, what's bad for us. Then how the criticism, the stress, the way we have to behave in order to feel like we belong, all affects who we become. That's what I tried to explore with Virginia. It is a very important point that we will see this season.

Paulina has always been a fierce and independent woman. What will her journey be while in prison? What will be her biggest obstacle?

We will see Paulina having a hard time, but she is a very strong woman, and she is a very intelligent woman who will know how to get out of this. We have much more to see from her. I think that she will reinvent herself as a person. I think that what Paulina de la Mora learns -- with everything that has happened, with her mom's death, realizing she betrayed her siblings -- is her newfound realization of what has happened, why she behaves the way she does and find a way to keep her family together. In the end, she is the one that can keep her family united.


As for Elena, she got into an accident. Where do we find her at the start of the season? And, will we see her character evolve?

Well for the ones that don't know, she's in a coma and is going through a health crisis. We have to see if she makes it through. And when someone wakes up from a health issue like this one, it doesn't necessarily have to be a coma, but when you wake up from a depression, a bad moment, it makes you reflect about what's important in your life.

There is also a stellar new cast with Isabel Burr, Ximena Sariñana, Tiago Correa, and Christian Chávez. How was it incorporating them into this story?

I loved developing the flashbacks and telling that story. It was more than finding the actors who resembled their older counterparts. They also had to have the same energy as the characters that we already love.

Which new character was your favorite to create and develop?

From that decade, I loved Christian Chávez's character named Patricio, and he's a new character. [He was my favorite] because he shows how society has changed, and the repression against the homosexual community. You see how Virginia wasn't bothered by the LGBTQ community and, as the years go by, how her opinions change.

He's a wonderful character and I think people will appreciate Patricio because he touches on important topics that we need to give a voice to today, such as repression and how people's minds change.

We also know that RuPaul's Drag Race fan-favorite Valentina makes an appearance this season. How did that cameo come about?

Having Valentina was wonderful because she wrote to me on social media and told me she was a fan of my show. And I said, "Well, if you're a fan of the show, I'm a fan of yours and it would be incredible to have you on Casa de Las Flores." And that's how that came to be.


Apart from concluding everyone's story, what will surprise fans the most about this season?

I think what will surprise you most is the nostalgia -- the nostalgia that these characters, whom you all love greatly, have as their stories come to an end. And you will also see how sometimes life is full of cycles and the de la Mora family will complete one major cycle.

This series touched on many subjects that are taboo in Mexico and Latin America. Were there other topics or stories that you wanted to tell that you didn't have time to explore?

No, I think that the topics that we touched on in Casa de Las Flores had to do with what came to mind at that moment and seemed important to me. Obviously, there will always be many topics to discuss but there are also other projects in which I can add them to. Y bueno, jamás me voy a despedir de la Casa de las Flores porque las puertas de la florería se quedan abiertas, y ojala un dia nos volvamos a encontrar.

The third and final season of La Casa de Las Flores in now streaming on Netflix.