How Adam Levine Plans to Give His Daughters a Shout-Out During the Super Bowl (Exclusive)

Only ET was with the Maroon 5 frontman ahead of the Super Bowl halftime show.

Adam Levine will make sure to give a special shout out to the most important ladies in his life.

The Maroon 5 frontman sat down exclusively with ET's Kevin Frazier in Atlanta, Georgia, on Thursday, where he teased what fans can expect during the band's Super Bowl halftime show, and how he plans to incorporate his daughters -- Dusty, 2, and Gio, 11 months -- into the performance. 

While his baby girls will not be in attendance -- "They are too little," Levine says. "The little kids they are going to stay home. It is a little bit of a fiasco out here. It is a little crazy. So we are going to keep them home" -- Behati Prinsloo will be.  

"My wife will be out here, though, very soon, which will be nice. But [the girls] are going to watch on TV," he shares. So how is the father of two planning on giving them a sweet shout out?

"I am going to wear daddy bracelets so they can see that I am representing them well," the singer reveals. "They get to watch on TV. I am sure they prefer that too, instead of the chaos."

Maroon 5, along with Travis Scott and Big Boi, will be taking over Super Bowl Sunday, when they take the stage during the famous halftime show. Levine, on his end, is pumped to have the two hip-hop acts join him during the performance.

"So Travis... he is it right now. He is the one," Levine shares. "Like, this is a moment for him and we love what he does, obviously. We love what he represents because we love having a presence that this is the show that will have the biggest hip-hop presence that there has ever been on the show. I mean, I can't look back and find that to be the case before. He's it, he's the man right now and he comes in hot."

As for the OutKast member, who many are hoping will reunite with Andre 3000, the Voice coach says, "Big Boi is my dude. Like, he's been incredible. He is Atlanta. I mean, when I think about music and when I think about the Atlanta scene and I think of all these guys, like, he is just incredible."

See more of ET's exclusive interview with Levine, below.