How Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union Make It Work Despite Their Careers (Exclusive)

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Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union are a couple on the move.

The NBA pro talked to ET at the West Hollywood premiere for Shot in the Dark -- a documentary he co-produced with Chance the Rapper -- where he opened up about how he and Gabrielle Union navigate being a celebrity, and very busy, couple.

"Well, it’s definitely not the easiest thing in the world," the 36-year-old Miami Heat player admitted. "I think the biggest thing with me and my wife -- what we’ve always tried to do in our short period of time, especially being married -- is just to stay in constant communication with each other, try to support each other in everything. And it’s tough at times."

"We may go a month without seeing each other, definitely weeks for sure," he elaborated. "That’s common. But you know what, we love each other, we try to make it work, but I would tell people out there it’s definitely not easy when you got two people who have their own careers, their own individual brands, and you’re trying to have your own family and own life. But you know, we definitely try to make it work."

With that said, their professional lives are beginning to move into the same realm. As Wade starts to think about his post-NBA career, he revealed that he's been asking his wife, an industry veteran at this point, for a lot of advice lately.

"I always ask my wife for advice. I’m not that guy who feels like he knows everything," Wade explained. "Especially whenever I’m entering this world where my wife has been so successful for so many years, I’m always asking about any projects that come my way, anything I should look for and there’s things that me and her want to do together, and I gotta get my feet wet first before I jump into doing that with her, but definitely. I always depend on her to give me the advice of someone who’s been in the business for so so long."

For Shot in the Dark, however, Wade is able to draw from his own experience. The documentary the Chicago native is backing follows two promising high school basketball players in the city, who hope to overcome impoverished surroundings and realize their NBA dreams.

"I know the struggle and how I grew up," Wade said. "So I know the lane of what this story is talking about more so than the producing side of it, but I had fun in the process, you know?

Shot in the Dark premieres on Fox on Feb. 24.

Reporting by Angelique Jackson


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