How Jon Cryer and Wife Lisa Joyner Are Helping LA's Unhoused Residents (Exclusive)

The celebrity couple are doing their part to address the housing challenges facing many people in Los Angeles.

With the challenges facing so many people in Los Angeles due to the financial and housing insecurities amid the coronavirus pandemic, some stars are putting in the effort to make a difference. Jon Cryer and his wife, TV personality Lisa Joyner, have jumped aboard the "tiny home" revolution as a way to help the city's unhoused residents.

The couple joined ET's Matt Cohen for a tour of a growing tiny home community in North Hollywood, which is being built and developed as a way to provide a residence for those who have been living on the street or in temporary shelters.

"These shelters come with the works. They've got air conditioning, they've got heating, they got a fire extinguisher, they've got electrical outlets," Cryer shared, explaining the different amenities offered by the 8-foot by 8-foot structures.

Joyner explained, "You can take a shower, you can wash your clothes, [and] you can communicate with other people who are going through the same experience. So there's a feeling of support, you know?"

"Here's the biggest thing here," Joyner said, pointing to the door. "There's actually a lock on the door to provide safety and security for a lot of women a lot of children that they don't have in the streets."

The structures cost around $8,500 each to build, and Cryer -- who currently stars as Lex Luthor on Supergirl -- has donated $30,000 to the effort while the couple has also been using their platform to get the word out about the organization behind the project, Hope of the Valley.

According to Joyner, doing what she can to give back has "always been such a passion for me because I waited tables and I grew up really in modest means. And I always felt like I was one paycheck away from being homeless."

"This is a way to give them a real home. A real place with privacy and a place where they can feel like a human being again for an amount of money that isn't going to isn't going to crush people," Cryer added.

For those interested in contributing to the ongoing construction efforts, more information on Hope of the Valley's Rally to the Valley fundraiser is located online. 

Meanwhile, Cryer can be seen in the final season of Supergirl, which premieres March 30 on The CW.