How Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox Are Working Through Their Issues

A source tells ET that MGK has 'been going out of his way to make sure' Megan Fox is happy.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are continuing to move forward with their relationship. Despite reports that the twin flames are struggling, a source tells ET that the pair are trying to work things out.

"Megan and Machine Gun Kelly have been making an effort to work out their issues as a couple and things have been getting better," the source tells ET. "Machine Gun Kelly has been going out of his way to make sure Megan feels happy, loved, and secure with him."

The couple are focusing on spending quality time together. "They enjoy being together and love one another, so they are trying to get to a good and solid place," the source adds. "They both have so much fun together and feel comfortable with one another, and that hasn't changed."

Earlier this week, TMZ shared photos of the couple out to dinner together in Hawaii. Eyewitnesses told the outlet that the pair appeared to enjoy each other's company but there were no signs of PDA. On their way out, they reportedly waved to some fans as they headed for a stroll down the beach.

The public outing comes about a month after rumors of a split seemed to intensify, especially after Fox hit up the Vanity Fair's Oscars after-party without MGK. A source previously told ET that Megan and MGK, also known as Colson Baker, "still have trust issues to work through."

"They have a lot to work out before they can think about moving forward together as partners," the source said. "Machine Gun Kelly really loves Megan, and he is hopeful that they can get to a better place and be happy together. He knows he is going to have to go above and beyond to reconcile things with her."

Reports of trouble in paradise began swirling in February when Fox posted cryptic lyrics on Instagram. Around the same time, fans discovered that the actress no longer was following her fiancé on the platform, and had deleted photos of him from her account. Fox later deactivated her account entirely.

A source later told ET that the couple had gotten into "a big argument" that left Fox "very upset." Shortly thereafter, Fox and Kelly were spotted leaving a marriage counseling office.

The drama unfolded online after people began accusing MGK of cheating on Fox with his guitarist, Sophie Lloyd, something both women have publicly denied.