How Riley Keough Feels About the Legal Battle Surrounding Lisa Marie Presley's Estate: Source

The father of Keough's twin sisters asked the court to appoint him as the twins' rep in trust battle.

Riley Keough has mixed emotions about the ongoing battle over Lisa Marie Presley's estate.

A source tells ET that "the family drama is the last thing Riley wants to be dealing with" and that she's "deeply upset at how things are unfolding." That being said, the source said "she hopes to still be a huge part of Harper and Finley's lives."

A second source said, "Riley is hopeful everything in her family will work out."

As ET previously reported, Lisa Marie's ex, Michael Lockwood, formally asked the court to appoint him as guardian ad litem so he can represent Lockwood's twin daughters -- and Riley's sisters -- Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood and Finley Aaron Love Lockwood.

In the docs, obtained by ET, Lockwood clearly states he wants to officially be appointed as the twins' guardian because "the minor is a beneficiary of a trust at issue before the probate court" and the "minor requires appointment of a guardian ad litem to represent her interests in the proceeding."

Just days after Lockwood's request, Lisa Marie's attorney, Gary Fishbein, attended a custody hearing via Zoom, and told Judge Joseph Lipner that the custody case should be dismissed because nothing else regarding the custody battle is pending and his client is "sadly no longer with us." Lisa Marie died on Jan. 12.

Fishbein said their marriage status was dissolved and child support -- for Harper and Finley -- order survives. Custody will go to Lockwood unless another family disputes under the probate court. The judge did not yet officially grant the request for dismissal.

The developments come amid Priscilla Presley contesting in court "the authenticity and validity" of Riley's appointment as Lisa Marie's trustee, claiming that "there are many issues surrounding" it. 

A source previously told ET that it has been a "very tense and heartbreaking few weeks" for both Riley and Priscilla as they mourn the loss of Lisa Marie.

In the midst of all this, Keough is enjoying success on the heels of Daisy Jones & The Six, which drops its finale on Friday. A source tells ET, Riley is extremely proud of her Prime Video series and the reception to the series has brought her joy.

"It has brought a lot of joy to her life during a very hard time. She is extremely happy it had a great audience reaction and loves that many connected with the series," the source tells ET. "This project was very special to her because it reminded her a lot of her family ties to the music industry and was an ode to her grandfather, Elvis, in many ways. Riley felt deeply connected to the project and it was an exciting time seeing it come to life."

The source continued, "She is focused on her family and work right now. It has been a very hard year for Riley with her mother's death and raising a baby girl while working. Her husband has been the biggest support system and Riley owes the world to him."