How Selena Gomez Is Taking Care Of Herself on Her Road to Recovery (Exclusive)

Sources tell ET that the singer's mental health suffers when her physical health suffers, but that she's going to 'bounce back.'

Selena Gomez made headlines on Wednesday, after it was revealed that she was recently hospitalized and seeking treatment at a mental health facility. 

A source tells ET that Selena is in a good place now, but friends are still worried about her. According to the source, this recent episode was triggered by a medical complication stemming from her Lupus and a kidney transplant she underwent in July 2017.

The source says that Selena’s friends are worried that she hasn’t been taking care of herself physically by working herself too hard, adding that she has been compromising her health because she doesn’t eat well, drink enough water, or get enough sleep and when her physical health isn't looked after, it takes a toll on her mental health.

"Selena buries herself in work to escape from her depression, which means her physical and mental health suffer," says the source.

"She’s happiest and healthiest when she takes a step out of the spotlight and treats getting healthy like it’s her job. She’s struggled with making herself a priority," the source adds. "When she’s in the care of a professional team helping with her medical conditions as well as her mental health, and has structure and positive influences around her, she thrives."

The source also says that the 26-year-old singer's hospitalization wasn't the result of some dramatic breakdown, but rather that Gomez is not one to "let things go unchecked."

"She’ll seek help as soon as she needs it – and ideally, she tries to get help before she needs it, preventatively,” says the source. "Just because she’s in a psychiatric hospital, doesn’t mean she had some wild breakdown, she just knows to stay on top of things."

However, while things seem tumultuous for the singer right now, the source says they believe Gomez will be able to get back on her feet soon.

“Selena will bounce back from this like she always does. Every day she gets stronger, it’s just important that she find a way to maintain it,” says the source.

The source adds that her friends are urging her to take some meaningful time out of the public eye. 

"She needs to go to Texas and reconnect with her family. The best thing for her would be to spend time with her grandmother who she’s very close to. She needs to just live like a normal person," the source says.

Another source tells ET that Gomez is "getting better every day," and that they don't expect her to stay in the facility long-term.

According to TMZ, the 26-year-old singer went to the hospital twice in the past couple of weeks. The first time came when Gomez was at her Studio City, California, home where she was reportedly in low spirits and emotional over an alarming low white blood cell count.

Gomez was released days later but re-admitted late last week due to continued health issues stemming from her kidney transplant, according to the outlet's source.

See more on the singer's recent health struggles and complications in the video below. 

--Reporting by Darla Murray.