What Led to Selena Gomez's Hospitalization for Mental Health Treatment (Exclusive)

Selena Gomez was having panic attacks before recently being hospitalized, a source tells ET.

Selena Gomez was having panic attacks before recently being hospitalized and seeking treatment at a mental health facility, a source tells ET. 

News broke on Wednesday that the 26-year-old singer had recently been admitted to the hospital. Our source says that issues with Gomez's physical health -- she suffers from Lupus and underwent a kidney transplant last summer -- and her frustration with it was what led her to eventually seek treatment for her mental health. 

"It's very hard for Selena because she loves to work and stay busy," the source says. "Unfortunately, the amount of time spent at the hospital, without much improvement created anxiety for Selena, and made her extremely emotional, causing her to have panic attacks," the source says.

"Selena and her family decided it was best to have her go back to the East Coast mental health facility she went to earlier in the year, when she was feeling depressed and anxious," the source continues.

According to the source, the "Wolves" singer is now following doctors' advice in order to get better.

"Selena is a fighter and we will be back in no time, but for now she is listening to the doctors and staying healthy with exercise, a diet plan and being monitored by doctors at the facility," the source says. 

A second source tells ET, Gomez “is getting better every day.” The source adds that they do not expect her to stay in the facility long-term.

On Wednesday, a source told ET that Gomez has been struggling with her emotions, especially after her kidney transplant. Last September, the former Disney star revealed that her good friend, actress Francia Raisa, donated a kidney to her.

"Selena has dealt with depression for a while and her and the people around her have always kept an eye on how she feels, even more so since her kidney transplant," the source said. "Selena wasn’t feeling well and went to the hospital, as she does whenever she feels off. After further monitoring, it was decided that Selena would seek treatment at a [mental health] facility."

Interestingly enough, one week before Gomez reportedly had a medical emergency at her Los Angeles area home, an eyewitness tells ET the  singer appeared to be in good spirits when she stopped by Wild Taco in Newport Beach, California.

“She was very sweet," the eyewitness says. "Her energy seemed very positive and [she] seemed to be in a good mood."

However, there have been signs that Gomez hasn't been feeling 100 percent. Late last month, she shared with her fans that she was taking a social media break and hinted that hateful comments were getting to her.

"Taking a social media break. Again," she wrote alongside a picture of herself smiling into the mirror. "As much as I am grateful for the voice that social media gives each of us, I am equally grateful to be able to step back and live my life present to the moment I have been given. Kindness and encouragement only for a bit! Just remember -- negative comments can hurt anybody’s feelings. Obvi.” 

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