Husband of Victim in Kobe Bryant Crash Mourns Wife's Loss: I Have '3 Kids and No Mom'

The husband of victim Christina Mauser opened up on the 'Today' show on Monday about his late wife.

As the tributes to the late Kobe Bryant continue to pour in, details are beginning to emerge about the other victims of the helicopter crash on Sunday which took his life, the life of his 13-year-old daughter Gianna and seven others.

On Monday, Matt Mauser, the husband of victim Christina Mauser, an assistant couch for Gigi Bryant's Mamba Academy team, called into the Today show where he spoke with co-anchors Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb about his late wife. 

"I guess I'm doing as good as we can expect. It's just horrible," he said. "I got three small kids and just trying to figure out how to navigate life with three kids and no mom."

Matt also added, "I'm scared, I think more than anything. I'm a little scared about the future," before noting that he really just wanted to talk about his wife. 

"He didn't choose Christina for just any ordinary reason," Matt noted, referencing Kobe's decision to select his wife as an assistant couch. "She was extraordinary. She was incredibly witty, funny like nobody you've ever met. She had a great ear. She could pick up voices. She was warm. She was incredibly bright. She was technologically incredibly savvy."

Noting that Kobe didn't have much experience with zone defense, Matt said the late NBA star relied on Christina for defense help. 

"When he brought her on, they called her the 'Mother of Defense,' MOD," he recalled. 

As for the other victims aboard the flight, Matt noted that each person aboard the helicopter represents a terrible loss. 

"It was a family. They all really cared about each other," he said. "They were amazing people in their own right. I knew them well. They were wonderful. They were warm. They loved their kids."