'I Can See Your Voice' Stars Ken Jeong, Cheryl Hines & Adrienne Houghton on Their Wild New Series (Exclusive)

'Masked Singer' star Ken Jeong is now pulling double duty with two unusual Fox reality competition shows.

More Ken Jeong is never enough. After winning over America on The Masked Singer, Jeong is now pulling double duty as the host of another Fox reality singing series, I Can See Your Voice.

The comedian and TV personality recently spoke with ET via video chat, and was joined by his fellow stars, Cheryl Hines and Adrienne Houghton (who was also a Masked Singer finalist in season 2), where they dished on their new, high-concept, groundbreaking reality series.

"There's six secret voices and from those six secret voices, some are good singers, some are bad singers," Houghton shared.

"So then, the contestant is trying to eliminate everybody except one singer, and they're trying to be left with a good singer," Hines added.

Essentially, one contestant and a panel of five celebs try to guess whether a slate of performers that hit the stage are good singers or terrible singers just based on their lip-syncing performances, and not their actual voices.

"Whoever is left, they have to duet with this celebrity singer," Houghton said, adding that their guest pros have included Robin Thicke and Jordin Sparks, just to name a few. So, sometimes, if the contestant guesses wrong, the show's guest celebrity crooners end up performing a duet with someone who's actually a really bad singer.

"And it's hysterical!" Houghton added with a laugh.

Hines and Houghton are the only two recurring celeb panelists, and will be joined by a bevy of other guest panelists throughout the season, including Nick Lachey, Kelly Osbourne, Arsenio Hall, Joel McHale, Niecy Nash, Jay Pharoah and many, many others.

As for Jeong, his work on I Can See Your Voice is a bit different than his role on The Masked Singer. Instead of being a panelist or judge, he's serving as the host.

"I'm just guiding the show along, reading copy," Jeong said with a smile.

While I Can See Your Voice and The Masked Singer share some similar elements -- including singing, obviously, as the mystery element, and the fact that they are both American adaptations of Korean reality shows -- Jeong said Fox's latest offering has a different end goal.

"It really is a game show, more of a game show than The Masked Singer," Jeong said of I Can See Your Voice. "So the whole show, in my head, is really about helping somebody win a hundred thousand dollars. And so that kind of really helps ground the format for me."

Jeong's new show airs right after The Masked Singer, meaning it's a two-hour block of primetime programming with Jeong front and center.

"It's Ken's day on Fox!" declared the comic, who referred to himself as the "Asian Seacrest" due to the scope of his hosting duties. "It literally is Ken Jeong on a full night of programming... it's still sinking in right now that that's even happening, I think because we're so busy."

"It's like you come for The Masked Singer and then you stay for I Can See Your Voice... and honestly, this is a promise from Dr. Ken, you're not going to be disappointed," Jeong added.

I Can See Your Voice premieres Wednesday, Sept. 23 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox, immediately after The Masked Singer's season 4 premiere at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Check out the video below to hear more from the celebrated TV star.